Academic Fees 2023-2024

Nursing Deposit

When a student is accepted into the nursing program, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a place in the program.  The deposit will be applied towards tuition, although the deposit cannot be used towards the quarter's down payment.

Music Lesson Fees

Students may take music lessons with or without receiving academic credit for the lessons. Students enrolled in lessons will be charged fees—in addition to any applicable tuition—according to the following schedule:

   Lesson Fees--per quarter, plus tuition

For credit:

Nine half-hour lessons (1 credit)

$275, plus tuition


Nine one-hour lessons (2-4 credits)

$550, plus tuition

Lesson Fees--per quarter

For no credit:

Nine half-hour lessons



Nine one-hour lessons


A minimum of nine, 30-minute lessons per quarter and daily practice totaling five hours per week corresponds to one credit hour of music lessons.

It is the student’s responsibility to meet the appointed time for lessons. The teacher is obligated to provide opportunity for makeup lessons only in cases of illness or emergency. Excused absences may be made up at the discretion of the teacher if previous arrangements have been made. Lessons falling on holidays or vacations are not made up unless it results in the student receiving less than nine lessons during the quarter.

If a student taking lessons discontinues the lessons, the student must submit a Change of Registration form to the Academic Records Office immediately.



Music Lesson Fee Waivers

Scholarships equal to the lesson fees are available only for music “majors in good standing” who meet the following criteria:

1.        Completion of  MUCT 121-123 Theory I and MUCT 131-133 Ear Training I

2.        Acceptance into the music program as a result of passing a status jury exam

3.        Enrollment in at least 12 credit hours

Students taking music lessons prior to meeting the above criteria are required to register for these lessons. The student will pay the fees during the quarter in which they are registered for these lessons. Music lesson fee waivers are not retroactive. Students who complete eligibility requirements at the beginning of winter quarter become eligible that quarter.  Students who complete eligibility requirements at the end of spring quarter become eligible the following fall quarter.  Only those lessons which are needed to complete requirements for a music major are included in the waiver program. Music majors can receive a lessons fee waiver for more than on emphasis provided they pass status jury exams for more than one emphasis and meet all the qualifications. 


The music lesson fee waiver program is not available for students who enroll or change majors after Fall 2020. Current students who meet the requirements will be grandfathered in until graduation.


Instrument rental

Students may rent band or orchestra instruments for $75 per quarter.

0 Credit Courses 

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
XXXX 490Internship-0 Credit$312
XXXX 495Alternative Colloquium$104

ART Courses 

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
ART 160Materials and Methods$81
ART 181Analysis of Form$54
ART 182Linear Perspective$54
ART 183Sketching$54
ART 194Still Life Painting$54
ART 196Mixed Media Painting$81
ART 260Principles of Visual Composition$54
ART 264Introduction of Sculpture$54
ART 284, 285,286, 374Introduction to Pottery I,II,III, Advanced$100
ART 294Introduction to Printmaking$54
ART 307Anatomy for Artists$54
ART 317Printmaking Advanced$54
ART 334Advanced Portrait Painting$54
ART 335Abstract and Expressive Painting$54
ART 360Advanced Visual Composition$54
ART 364Advanced Sculpture$54
ART 374Advanced Pottery and Ceramic Sculpture$100
ART 395Methods of Teaching Art$44

AUTO Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
AUTO 114Personal Car Care$125
AUTO 146Manual Drive Trains and Axles Laboratory$125
AUTO 157Electrical Systems Laboratory$125
AUTO 280Practicum$125
AUTO 286Engine rebuilding Laboratory$125
AUTO 315Engine Performance Laboratory$125
AUTO 336Suspension and Steering Systems Laboratory$125
AUTO 338Brake Systems and Traction Control Laboratory$125
AUTO 356Climate Control Systems Laboratory$125
AUTO 358Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles Lab$125
AUTO 365Diesel Engines$125
AUTO 414Advanced Engine Performance$125
AUTO 434High Performance Engine Tuning$125
AUTO 466Body Electronics and Computer Systems$125
AUTO 473Alternative Fuels and Hybrids$125
AUTO 480Advanced Practicum$125
AUTO 495Colloquium$700

AVIA Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee

AVIA 110, 140

Introduction to Flight


AVIA 142Private Pilot flight Training I (TCO**)$33
AVIA 142Private Pilot Flight Training I (Flight Expenses)$5,300
AVIA 143Private Pilot Flight Training II (Flight Expenses)$5,538
AVIA 144Private Pilot Flight Training III (Flight Expenses)$5,808
AVIA 262Instrument Flight Training (TCO**)$33
AVIA 262Instrument Flight Training (Flight Expenses)$5,543
AVIA 263Advanced Instrument Flight Training (Flight Expenses)$7,187
AVIA 264Cross Country Flight (Flight Expenses)$5,841
AVIA 325Advanced Cross Country Flight (Flight Expenses)$3,569
AVIA 335Commercial Flight Training (TCO**)$33
AVIA 335Commercial Flight Training (Flight Expenses)$7,912
AVIA 336Advanced Commercial Flight Training (Flight Expenses)$7,436
AVIA 337Mission/Humanitarian Flight Training (Flight Expenses)$2,650
AVIA 340Multi-Engine Flight Training (TCO**)$33
AVIA 340Multi-Engine Flight Training (Flight Expenses)$8,632
AVIA 355Aviation Safety$541
AVIA 357Flight Instructor Training (Flight Expenses)$2,974
AVIA 358Advanced Flight Instructor Training (Flight Expenses)$4,462
AVIA 455Crew Resource Management$541
AVIA 458Instrument instructor Flight Training (Flight Expenses)$3,603
AVIA 460Multi-Engine Instructor Flight Training (Flight Expenses)$5,705

** TCO Training Course Outline (Digital)

BIOL Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fees
BIOL 105,106Contemporary Biology (lab)$162
BIOL 121,122,123Anatomy and Physiology (lab)$162
BIOL 141,142,143General Biology (lab)$162
BIOL 222Microbiology$162
BIOL 305General Ecology$162
BIOL 360Plant Biology$162
BIOL 381Cell Biology I: Structure and Bioenergetics$162
BIOL 382Cell Biology II: Genetics and Molecular Biology$162
BIOL 383Cell Biology III: Genomics and Regulation$162
BIOL 403Ornithology - College Place Campus$162
BIOL 403Ornithology - Rosario Campus$216
BIOL 405Natural History of Vertebrates$162
BIOL 410Limnology$162
BIOL 417,517Behavior of Marine Organisms$216
BIOL 422Cancer Biology Lab$162
BIOL 426Systematic Botany$162
BIOL 430Molecular Biology Techniques$162
BIOL 440Human Anatomy$649
BIOL 445Advanced Microbiology$162
BIOL 458Marine Biology$216
BIOL 460Marine Ecology$216
BIOL 462Ichthyology$216
BIOL 463Marine Physiology$216
BIOL 464Animal Physiology$162
BIOL 466Immunology$162
BIOL 468Comparative Physiology$216
BIOL 475,575Marine Invertebrates$216

CDEV Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
CDEV 100Experiential Program$30
CDEV 210Career Exploration and Preparation$104

CHEM Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
CHEM 105Survey of Chemistry$33
CHEM 144, 145,146General Chemistry Laboratory$33
CHEM 324,325Introduction to Organic Laboratory$81
CHEM 386Intermediate Orgnaic Chemistry Laboratory$81

DRMA Courses

Course Number

Course NameQuarterly Fee
DRMA 252/4525NPerformance/ Adv. Performance$38
DRMA 253/4535NTechnical Production/ Adv. Technical Production$38
DRMA 260/460Professional Theater Conference Participation$324

DSGN Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
DSGN 110,111Design Principles I, II$54
DSGN 121Fundamentals of CAD$52
DSGN 215Design, Theory, History, and Criticism$26
DSGN 312Design Strategies and Methodologies$52


Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
EDCI 560/EDUC 360Teaching and Learning: Inclusive Literacy I$27
EDCI 561/EDUC 361Teaching and learning: Inclusive Literacy II$27
EDCI 582/EDUC 382Teaching and Learning: Social Studies$17
EDUC 315/515Educational Technology$78
EDUC 373,573Teaching and Learning: STEM I - Mathematics and Technology$26
EDUC 383,583Teaching and Learning: STEM II - Science and Engineering$26
EDUC 395Secondary Methods of Instruction I$17
EDUC 396Secondary Methods of Instruction II$17
EDUC 444Teaching and Learning: Cultural Diversity$66
EDUC 497Multigrade Education$216
EDUC 595Secondary Methods of Instruction I$49

ENGL Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
ENGL 121College Writing I$15
ENGL 122College Writing II$15
ENGL 223Research Writing$15

ENGR Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
ENGR XXXXAll Labs$189
ENGR 123Introduction to System Design and Engineering$114
ENGR 496,497,498Capstone Engineering Project$114
ENGR 499Capstone Project Competition$114

FILM Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
FILM 215Introduction to Film Literature$0
FILM 318Film Studies$0

FLTV Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fees
FLTV 135Essentials of Filmmaking$76
FLTV 203Production and Cinematography$108
FLTV 260, 460Prof. Film Conference$842

GBUS Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fees
GBUS 190Free Enterprise Practicum$312

GNRL Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fees
GNRL 101University Experience (Jumpstart)$300
GNRL 401Continuing Enrollment$200
GNRL 501, 601Continuing Enrollment$300

GREK Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
GREK 232Greek I$162
GREK 331Greek II$162

GRPH Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
GRPH 124Graphic Design Studio I$44
GRPH 136Graphic Design Sutdio II: Digital Imaging$54
GRPH 255Graphic Design Studio III: Layout$98
GRPH 262Graphic Design Studio IV: Illustration$94
GRPH 263Web Design Studio$22
GRPH 265Graphic Design History and Theory Studio$81
GRPH 272Typography Studio$44
GRPH 336Graph Design Studio V: Advanced Methods$54
GRPH 345Environment Design$162
GRPH 355Advanced Document Design$76
GRPH 366Multimedia Publishing$76
GRPH 445Graphics Services$33
GRPH 463Web Publishing$22
GRPH 466UI/UX Design Fundamentals$22
GRPH 492Portfolio Design$70

HIST Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
HIST 337Baseball and American Culture$81

HLTH Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
HLTH 110Wellness for Living$16
HLTH 217First Aid$66
HLTH 328Basic Therapy$36

HONR Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
HONR 141Writing Seminar$17

JOUR Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
JOUR 257Introduction to Photojournalism$66

MATH Course

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
MATH112Math for Elementary Teachers I$42

MUPF Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
MUHL 134World Music$44
MUPF 215SNUniversity Singers$27
MUPF 245/245SNI Cantori$81
MUPF 255SNWind Symphony$27
MUPF 256SNBrass/Percussion$27
MUPF 266SNSymphony Orchestra$27
MUPF 283SNBig Band$54
MUPF 284SNSteel Band$27
MUPF 285SNVoice and Instrumental Ensembles$27

NRSG Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
NRSG 211Clinical Labs$426
NRSG 212,213Clinical Labs$354
NRSG 290LPN Validation$166
NRSG 321,331,344, 421, 437, 441Clinical Labs$682
NRSG 450NCLEX Review (includes graduation testing)$333

PEAC Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
PEAC 120P, 121PStrength & Conditioning I, II$78
PEAC 144Golf*$162
PEAC 157Backpacking$60
PEAC 161Rock Climbing$93
PEAC 164Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding*$208

*Non-refundable after the fifth day of the quarter

PETH Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
PETH 107Lifeguard Training$81
PETH 205Water Safety Instructor's Course$81
PETH 225Care & Prevention of Injuries$52

PHTO Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
PHTO 156Principles of Photography$81
PHTO 255Film Photography$162
PHTO 256Intermediate Digital Photography$76
PHTO 356Advanced Digital Photography$98
PHTO 456Digital Photography and Imaging for Educators$54

PHYS Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
PHYS 204,205Conceptual Physics Laboratory$22
PHYS 214,215,216General Physics Laboratory$22
PHYS 254,255,256Principles of Physics Laboratory$22
PHYS 315Physical Electronics Laboratory$189

PRDN Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
PRDN 120Models and Prototypes$104
PRDN 130,230,3303D Design I, II, III$52
PRDN 210,310,410Product Design Studio$52
PRDN 345Environment Design$162
PRDN 411Senior Project Studio$52
PREL 451Publication Design & Editing$49

PSYC Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
PSYC 430Psychological Testing$11

RELB Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
RELB 421Interpreting the Bible$54

RELT Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
RELP 131Introduction to Faith and Ministry$66
RELP 236Church Worship$108
RELP 493Public Evangelism II$66

SCDI Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
SCDI 441,442Scientific Diving I, II$216

SMFT Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
SMFT 100Experiential Program$30


SOWK Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
SOWK 205Mental Health First Aid$22
SOWK 490Field Practicum$44
SOWK 529Field Education - Foundation$44
SOWK 530Field Education - Advanced$44
SOWK 545Advanced Practice with Couples and Families$196

TECH Courses

Course NumberCourse NameQuarterly Fee
TECH 137Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting$125
TECH 138Shielded Metal Arc Welding$125
TECH 139Specialized Welding$125
TECH 220Introduction to Basic Woodworking$125
TECH 223Introduction to Fine Woodworking$125
TECH 224Advanced Woodworking$125
TECH 235Materials and Processes$104
TECH 236Intro to Plastics$31
TECH 241,242,343Fabrication and Machining of Metals I, II, III$125
TECH 321Technology and Society$78
TECH 335CNC Prototyping$130
TECH 380Space Planning and Design$78
TECH 428/528Teaching Technologies$104



"Drop-in" tutoringNo charge
Private tutoring$18 per hour


For additional information about the graduate program and the fees participants can expect to incur, refer to the Walla Walla University Graduate Bulletin.

American College Testing Program (ACT) 


Challenge Examinations


   Credit Fee

$60 per credit hour

   Examination Fee


 Proctoring fee$20 (student must pay on the day of the test)

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)


   WWU Student




Correspondence - Online Class Examinations


   Test fee for online class examinations

$20 per hour

Education State Testing



      Single Subtest: ($40 subtest fee & $35 registration processing fee)$75
      All 3 subtests: ($120 test fees & $35 registration processing fee)$155

Nursing Achievement Test


Nursing Admission Test

$10 per examination

Out-of-Schedule Examination

$100 per examination

Validation Examinations



$10 per credit hour


Adding/dropping a class after the fifth day of the quarter


Application – Undergraduate  (non-refundable)


Application – Graduate (non-refundable) 


Diploma replacement:  Undergraduate


Diploma replacement:  Graduate


Enrollment Fee


Field trips

Teachers notify students of special fees to cover expenses

ID Card Replacement


Late Application for Degree (Senior Outline)~


Late Registration


Nursing Drug Test


Nursing Lab Make Up Time

$50 per instructor hour

Nursing Background Security Check


Returned Check (including electronic check)+


Student Success Program

$125 per quarter

Online Transcript Request - Electronic Copy


Online Transcript Request - Mailed Paper Copy


Hard Copy - Mailed Paper Copy


~ Students will be charged if they file an Application for Degree after the deadline. For June and August graduates, the charge will be assessed if the application is not turned in by the end of winter quarter. For December graduates, the charge will be assessed if the application is not turned in by the end of spring quarter. For March graduates, the charge will be assessed if the application is not turned in by the end of autumn quarter.

+ Plus any international bank fees. This charge is assessed for both paper and electronic checks. Example reasons: Insufficient Funds, Account Closed, Invalid Account Number, Stop Payment. Transactions involving fraud may be referred to the appropriate authorities for prosecution.