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Do you need a large tree and only have the die for a small one? Try using multiple cuts to make a larger tree, as shown here with a small evergreen (AccuCut C1900S).
Maybe you have a shape that can be made into a tree. Here a fish is made with two colors to look like a funny little tree (AccuCut F1204L). A large top could be cut to fit on the "trunk."
If you have a paper quilt die (AccuCut Q1101J) you can make a stylized tree.
Look for dies you have that might make good trunks. The trunk of this tree is made from a bone shape (AccuCut B1700L). Find shapes that might make the branches. This tree uses the shamrock shape (AccuCut S1300S) with the stems removed.
For this palm tree, I used a folded piece of paper on my caterpillar die (AccuCut C1560S). I made the fronds with the feather die (AccuCut F1100L). To make shorter fronds for the top, just snip off some of the feather.
Last update on August 3, 2015