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Maybe your die collection is like ours, and you have only one snowflake (Accucut S1603L). With a little imagination, you may find some more snowflakes hidden in your dies.
This snowflake was made using the small Christmas Tree (Accucut C1900S). Fold your paper into sixths. There is an explanation of how to do this on the Fish Die page. The point is placed on the trunk of the tree.
Position the point to the top of the tree and another attractive snowflake emerges.
The Maple Leaf die #2 (AccuCut L1006L) can produce an interesting snowflake.
Reverse the point of the folded paper and the Maple Leaf snowflake may resemble a poinsettia.
Symmetrical shapes seem to work best. This one uses the bat die (AccuCut B1300L).
The Platonic triange (AccuCut TR300L) makes a slightly decorated star shape.
The Telephone die (AccuCut T1200L) makes a disc-like flake.
Even the doll shirt (AccuCut P2006L) makes a simple snowflake.
This is the Padlock die (P1001L).
Here is a small key (AccuCut K1000S).
This is made with the small Ladybug die (AccuCut L1050S).
You never know what you might get, until you open up the paper. This comes from part of Dino #2-Apatosauus (AccuCut D1020L).
This snowflake uses two dies. Use the Doghouse #1 (AccuCut D1048L) to make the six-pointed star with a hole in the middle. Then cut a mini-flower out of the folded paper (AccuCut F1434).
You may also try cutting the folded paper twice on the same die. The paper was positioned over the Polar Bear's legs (AccuCut B1387L). Then the paper was flipped so that the uncut folds would also be cut on the approximate same area of the legs. Use your imagination and see how many snowflakes you can find in your die collection.
Last update on August 3, 2015