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Gaming Using Die Cuts

This file folder of activities uses a closed hand (AccuCut H1011L) cut in many shades of brown. All the activities have something to do with the many shades of brown. Such as: fnd samples of different brown spices; collect soil samples of different colors; cut brown desserts from an old magazine; find names for different shades of brown.
The cameras (AccuCut C1245L) were cut from shiny paper. Small pictures from magazines are visible in each "lens." Students match the message on a postcard with the correct image.
This spelling game uses the house with a door (AccuCut H1500L). This game is to drill "ee" and "ea" words. A picture is on the top of each house. The word is written by the blank upstairs windows. After deciding if the spelling is "ee" or "ea," the student can open the door of the house to check the correct answer.
The feather die cut (AccuCut F1100L) is used for quill pens in this game. You will notice the numbers on the inkwells do not have an operation symbol. Students are to add the numbers, find the correct feathers, and insert them in the cuts made in the folder. Then they are to perform subtraction and find the answers on the feathers.
This game, Pattern Pups, uses the Scottie dog (AccuCut D1006L), the doghouse #1 (AccuCut D1048L), and the attribute shapes (AccuCut ART100L). Patterns of colors and shapes are begun on the dogs' bodies. The player finds the next member of the pattern on a doghouse and places the dog on that house.
The flashlights (AccuCut F1325L) were only glued around the edges to the file folder. Answers to the problem were written in the "switch" area before laminating. The openings were cut and light beams inserted; gently pull on the light beam to reveal the answer.
To make, "I've Got Your Number," trace around a die cut from the telephone (AccuCut T1200L). Write story problems on the tracing. Put answers on colorful telephone die cuts. The game could be played by one person; or, the phones could be divided among the players and they take turns reading the problem, and seeing who has the right number.
When the numbers on the pairs of apples are added together, they will equal a number on the owl die cuts (AccuCut O1100L). The owls are positioned on the branches so that the apples form their yellow eyes.
Write problems on the piggy banks (AccuCut P1402L) and answers on silver paper coins.
Use the cracked egg (AccuCut E1000L) and the small chick (AccuCut C1700S) to make this game. The chicks have the missing addends to complete the number sentences.
Pull on the piece of "mold" to reveal the answer to the problem written in the Swiss cheese (AccuCut S3000L) holes.
Cut a die cut calculator (AccuCut C1120L) as a template to draw calculators on the file folder. Write the numbers as they appear on a calculator, highlighting two and an operation. On the laminated die cuts write the answer in the window. Match the pieces to the board.
Cut both red and black ladybugs (AccuCut L1050S), trimming off the head on the red cuts. Tape the black circles back in place on the black die cuts.Glue the red and black pieces together only at the "shoulders." Write problems on the bugs and lift the wings to check the answers.
The trailer portion of the semi-trailer truck (AccuCut T1401J) provides a large area to write a story problem. All problems have a trucking theme. The answers are written on the cabs, to match with the correct trailer.
Last update on August 3, 2015