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Sea Star Puppet

I needed a sea star puppet and could not find a realistic one available for purchase. So, using a piece of newspaper, I drew around my hand, then added a margin for comfort and another for seams.
I used some white fleece fabric, quilt batting, and an old shirt. I cut two stars from each fabric. The batting was thin, so I cut four layers from it.
Make two sandwiches of the fleece, batting, and old shirt lining. Make sure they are mirror images. Sew or zigzag around each set. Then place the two sets together with the fleece in the middle and shirt lining on the outside. Sew around, leaving an opening for your hand. Turn inside out.
Find an image of a sea star. Using fabric paints, color the fleece to look like the image. Work from the center out, spinning the work to keep your hand from disturbing the wet paint. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for how long to dry the paint.
Enjoy your new economical puppet.
Last update on August 3, 2015