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Book Jackets

People often judge a book by its cover. Those in shiny plastic-wrapped jackets seem to get preference. To draw attention to some great classics, we have given them jackets with plastic covers.
Here are a couple of make-overs. An image from the book can be photocopied or scanned and printed. Color it with crayons, color pencils, markers, or water colors. Attach it to a backing paper large enough to wrap around the book and have flaps inside. Use calligraphy or a computer for the title and author's name.
This cover was made with a collage, since that seemed appropriate for a book by Eric Carle.
Don't forget to make lettering for the spine. For the back of the jacket you can have another picture or a "blurb" about the book.
Do some research and write up short biographies for the author and illustrator. Format your text using columns. Print, cut, and paste them on the flaps of your professional looking book jacket. Enjoy reading.
Last update on August 3, 2015