WWU Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) Partnership Agreement Policy

Walla Walla University provides this Concurrent Enrollment Program through which qualified North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) juniors and seniors can enroll in university courses on their own academy campus and simultaneously receive academic credit on their high school transcript and a Walla Walla University (WWU) transcript.

An academy may propose to partner with WWU to offer a dual credit course following the qualifications and expectations as noted in the High School Qualifications and Expectations, and Instructor Expectations sections. Proposals will be evaluated based on these criteria.


High School Qualifications

  1. Be accredited through the NPUC Department of Education
  2. Recognize the demands of instructing a university course
  3. Provide adequate time for instruction periods (ten hours of class for each credit)
  4. Provide adequate facilities, such as a classroom, library, or laboratory, as needed
  5. Make available appropriate materials and equipment for the course, as needed

High School Expectations

Submit a Dual Credit Request Form for each course the academy wishes to offer to the WWU Associate Vice President for Academic Administration (associate.academicvp@wallawalla.edu)

  1. Propose only 100 and 200 level general studies (general education) courses listed in the current WWU bulletin
  2. Require instructors submit proof of a Master’s or higher degree or evidence of equivalent teaching qualifications in the academic discipline of the course they propose to instruct as NACEP standards require
  3. Submit requests two months before the proposed class term
  4. Ensure students have junior or senior academic standing and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25
  5. Verify students are enrolled in no more than two dual credit courses per term
  6. Submit dual credit registration forms to the WWU Academic Records office within one week of the start of each course. First semester courses will be registered as fall quarter courses at WWU; second semester courses will be registered as spring quarter courses at WWU.
  7. Evaluate instructor and course effectiveness using the WWU course evaluation system
  8. Collect the course tuition from each student
  9. Submit to WWU quarterly payment for tuition charges

CEP Instructor

Instructors play an important role in supporting student success as well as ensuring the level of academic rigor and classroom environment are appropriate for a university course. A dual credit instructor’s professionalism and individuality are to be respected; he/she will counsel with the relevant university department chair, to the same extent that on-campus instructors do, regarding course outline, text or materials, and evaluation of students. He/she will be expected to meet departmental and general administrative policies (add and drop deadlines, grade reporting, etc., as found in the WWU Bulletin), and to maintain the same quality of instruction as his/her university colleagues.

CEP Instructor Expectations

Once the application to teach in the dual credit program, an academy instructor must:

  1. Complete the WWU online orientation for dual credit instructors
    1. Introduction to the program
    2. Introduction to the WWU course management software for recording scores and making materials accessible
    3. Introduction to Simple Syllabus (fully integrated with D2L/Brightspace)
      1. Required for all WWU faculty, auto populates most information from existing courses
    4. Introduction to Campus Labs – WWU course evaluation system
  2. Work with relevant WWU academic department chair for significant syllabus alterations
  3. Follow the US Department of Education requirement of having a minimum of 10 hours of instruction per credit hour and a total of 30 hours per credit of student effort (including class attendance)
  4. Consult with the assigned university course advisor at least twice during the course
  5. Send a copy of the proposed final exam, project, or paper for review by the university course advisor at least two weeks before the due date of the final exam
  6. Participate in the WWU course evaluation process
  7. Submit final course grades to the WWU Academic Records Office within one week of the end of the term