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Biblical scholars contribute to study Bible recently released in New International Version

A recently released study Bible features editorial commentary from four biblical scholars connected to Walla Walla University. The Andrews Study Bible, which was released by Andrews University Press in 2010 in the New King James Version, was released in September 2019 in the New International Version.

This presentation of the Scriptures from the Seventh-day Adventist perspective includes commentary from Jon Dybdahl, former WWU president and professor emeritus of biblical studies; John McVay, current WWU president and professor of theology; Zdravko Stefanovic, former WWU professor of biblical studies; and Pedrito Maynard-Reid, WWU assistant to the president for diversity and professor of biblical studies and missiology.

Dybdahl, who was general editor of the NKJV of the study Bible, also oversaw any necessary adjustments related to the recently released NIV version.

The Andrews Study Bible was the first scholarly Seventh-day Adventist study Bible to be produced. The study Bible includes more than 12,000 study notes written by an international group of Bible scholars and theologians.

“I enjoyed the unique discipline of attempting to distill scholarly discussions of Bible passages into brief remarks that could help people make sense of and apply the works of Scripture to their personal lives,” said McVay.

The Andrews Study Bible appearing in the NIV is the first time the same language has the study Bible in two different versions. The resource is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian.

“I enjoyed working with a lot of people from different backgrounds and cultures to come up with something international and helpful for everyone,” said Dybdahl.

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Posted Sept. 30, 2019

Open Bible lying in light from window.
The study Bible is available in four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian.