Handbook: People

Academic Advising and Mentoring

The Department of Music faculty is committed to excellence in advising. We subscribe to the philosophy stated in the 2001-2002 WWC Bulletin, "Academic advisers assist students in their consideration of life goals and in developing an educational plan to meet those goals."

We encourage our students to make intelligent, proactive use of this human resource by scheduling regular appointments to talk with their adviser about class scheduling, degree planning, and career and graduate school preparation.

We believe that the best advising is developmental (helps students learn decision-making and planning skills) rather than prescriptive (telling students what to do, what to take). Expect your adviser to involve you in the mechanics of advising and to help you focus on your goals as they relate to the nature and purpose of higher education. It is the student's responsibility to become a "career strategist," to "acquire the skills of lifelong learning, recognize the importance of adapting to change and constantly reevaluate his or her personal needs and desires."

Especially with myWWU in place, the mundane tasks of class scheduling and degree reviews, while necessary, should not be the primary focus of the advising relationship. Research shows that college graduates wish they had sought advice regarding global, long-range issues such as career planning and relating values to the job environment. Students and faculty should commit themselves to forging mentoring relationships that have a real impact on their lives, not simply on registration.


Students are assigned a faculty advisor when they declare a music major. No music faculty member may advise more than ten students. Within that limitation, however, students may work with the music faculty member of their choice. Students wishing to change their registered advisor should speak with all involved parties, and inform Herlinda Ruvalcaba (2132) of their intentions.

Students and their advisors are expected to meet twice each quarter.

Finally, to help us provide quality, relevant advising, please complete the online Advisor Evaluation available on the WWC homepage under Academic Advisement. This information is compiled and used to generate evaluations for each professor, and to select the Advisor of the Year.

Music Club It is the goal of the music club to provide a forum for
· Social interaction and bonding
· Service opportunities uniquely suited to this department
· Concert and recital trips and tips
· Performance opportunities outside the norm
· Professional growth development for majors and minors
All WWC students are invited to join. Please contact the Club President or the Music Faculty Sponsor for details.