Handbook: Ensembles and Music Lessons

All participants in departmental ensembles will register for these ensembles on myWWU, the online registration program. Students may register for credit, audit, or no credit.

The cross-disciplinary exposure to music literature and the development of ensemble musicianship are considered vital to a musician's development and the life of the department.

During each quarter they are in residence, music majors are required to participate in at least one departmental ensemble. Minors will participate in at least one departmental ensemble during each quarter they take lessons.

The department encourages students who wish to participate in additional chamber ensembles to make arrangements with a faculty member who will serve as their coach. Chamber ensembles will record practice hours, perform in one recital each quarter, and participate in juries.

Participation in required ensembles will be recorded by the professor as a grade, and will appear on the student's transcript.

Lesson Registration/Fees

In order to register for MUPF applied lessons, students must contact their teacher directly. "Change of Registration" forms are available in the Music Office for this purpose. If you have any questions regarding registration, please see Laura Allen in the Music Office.

The cost of tuition for applied music lessons is the same as any other hour of credit, plus the private lesson fee of $225.00 per quarter for one hour of credit. For non-credit lessons, there is no tuition charged and the cost is $261.00 per quarter. Lessons are 30 minutes per week for 9 weeks each quarter per credit hour (whether taken for credit or non-credit).

Music majors and minors receive a music scholarship equal to the fee charged, provided the student has successfully completed Theory I, been accepted as a music major or minor through an applied exam (jury), and is a "major/minor in good standing." (Note: Successful completion of Theory I means that the student must receive no grade lower than a C- in any of the three quarters for those students pursuing a Music Minor or a B.A. in Music, and no grade lower than a C for those students pursuing the B.M. in Music Education or Music Performance).

For the 2003-2004 school year, this scholarship may be applied only to those lessons which are needed to complete requirements for a music major or minor and are taken for credit, as well as those lessons taken to complete Keyboard Proficiency. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours in order to qualify for this scholarship. More information is available in the WWU Finance Bulletin.

A "major/minor in good standing" is a student who consistently meets requirements for:
· Lessons
· Performance classes
· Recital attendance and participation
· Ensemble participation, and
· Juries
as outlined in this handbook and in the college bulletin.

Please note that the listed practice hours are the minimum needed to qualify for the grade. Completion of hours needed for a grade does not guarantee that grade.

Majors and minors must maintain a Repertoire List/Recital Record during each quarter. These forms may be kept in the practice record book until turned into the Music Office before juries (see pgs. 8-10).

Performance Classes

Each performance area provides at least one weekly performance class for its students. These classes are crucial for several reasons. They:
· Provide students an opportunity to perform in a low-pressure setting.
· Provide students a chance to absorb repertoire outside the limits of their private lessons.
· Provide students and faculty a forum for active, constructive listening and critiquing.
· Provide students and faculty a venue for creating supportive relationships for musical growth.
All Students taking lessons for credit are required to participate in weekly performance classes. Unsatisfactory attendance will affect a student's grade and standing as a music major/minor. Performance class schedules are posted at the music office.

Recitals: Participation and Attendance

All students currently enrolled in departmental music lessons are invited and encouraged to perform on general student recitals, upon the advice of their professor. Starting one week prior to each student recital, recital participation forms will be available in the music office.

Accepted music majors must perform each year in two student recitals in differing quarters. Approved performance as a soloist in other situations can be substituted for performance in a student recital.

All majors, and minors currently registered for applied studies in their area, are required to attend all General Student Recitals. Failure to satisfy this requirement will lower the grade in applied studies.

Music majors are required to attend EIGHT recitals/concerts each quarter, six of which must be departmentally sponsored. Programs other than student recitals, in which the student is a participant, may not be counted for recital attendance. Failure to satisfy this requirement will lower the grate in applied studies.

Off Campus Studies

Students studying off campus are required to report on a regular basis to the on-campus major professor who overseas the performance area. At least one contact should be made as the quarter begins and one as the quarter ends. Students should be prepared to discuss such items as music performed and materials covered. It is the student's responsibility to contact the teacher as arrangements are made for applied music examinations.

Practice hours for off-campus study should be registered under the WWU professor's name. Weekly and cumulative totals will be forwarded to this person.

Students should, with the guidance of their music advisor, arrange to participate in on-campus performance classes, recitals, and juries as required by the department. (see pg. 7).

Continued off-campus study is reconsidered by the full-time faculty on an annual basis.