Society for Bioengineers (SBE)

For those who want to learn everything about everything. 

SBE promotes the interests of not only bioengineering but anyone who has an interest in science, medicine, biomedical engineering, and biochemistry. SBE provides all members the opportunity to form connections, collaborate with professors and students, and be a part of a larger community. 


SBE Cabinet

  • Sponsor: Dr. Janice McKenzie

  • President: Anja Sandholm

  • Spiritual VP: Tawni Lloyd

  • Social VP: Jessica Mumek

  • Secretary: Cristina Showalter

  • Project Managers: Isaac Gessele, Ronan Byrd, Ryan Regalado


We want to provide the opportunity to every one of all skill levels to get involved in Bioengineering. We have planned a few activities that will help the student engage in and learn about biotechnology and how engineering integrates with biology.

Your future

Bioengineering is a broad field which encompasses a variety of occupations. Some of the fields bioengineers go into include quantitative biology, computational biology, medical or prosthetic design, and drug engineering. According to Christopher Niels, a professor at the University of Washington, “The students in our department are motivated by medical technology, so they work hard to excel in engineering [while recognizing the importance of putting] their hearts into [their] academics” and contributing to the bright future for bioengineering. 

Bioengineering is a large field but there are students currently contributing to the scientific community through their senior project research. Walla Walla University provides Bioengineering Seniors with many options for senior projects such as:

  • Electrospinning
  • Biofilm
  • 3D printing
  • Bio reactors

Contact Dr. Janice McKenzie for senior Bioengineering project options!