Society for Bioengineers

When you become an SBE member you get the benefit of spending time with other people who share the same passion for science. One of the goals of the club is to provide events that will promote connection between club members. Our events will include hiking on Sabbath afternoons, roller-skating, park picnics, get-togethers with professors and professionals, parties, community service opportunities, and Science at Sunset, a new way to experience Jesus in nature and science (while getting worship credits!). 



Society for Bioengineers (SBE) Cabinet

  • Sponsors: Janice McKenzie, Larry Aamodt
  • President: Jodi Callwood
  • Vice President: Paola Conzalez
  • Financial VP: Folu Oyefeso
  • Social/Spiritual VP: Matthew Moran
  • Project Managers: JD, Steven, Michael, and Eli

Club future

For the purpose of establishing a club that will promote the interests of not only bioengineers but anyone who has an interest in science, pre-med, medicine, biomedical engineering, and biochemistry. Similar to how IEEE is part of a larger community of clubs, the bioengineering club will be in partnership with an SBE student chapter which will provide both biochemists and bioengineers with the ability to be a part of a larger community and to benefit from collaborations with professors and students who are a part of the SBE community.

Your future

The bioengineering major is a broad field which encompasses a variety of occupations. Some of the fields bioengineers go into include quantitative biology, computational biology, medical or prosthetic design, and drug engineering. According to Christopher Niels, a professor at the University of Washington, “The students in our de-partment are motivated by medical tech-nology, so they work hard to excel in engineering [while recognizing the impor-tance of putting] their hearts into [their] academics” and contributing to the bright future for bioengineering. 

We want to provide the opportunity to every one of all skill levels to get involved in Bioengineering. We have planned a few activities that will help the student engage in and learn about biotechnology and how engineering integrates with biology. There will be two small projects a quarter and a year-long project that may extend past one year. The following are projects you can expect to see:

Small projects

  •  Bioluminescent Project (fall 2016) 
  •  Biodegradable Glass (fall 2016) 
  •  Heart rate monitor (fall 2016) 
  •  USB Biofeedback Game Controller 
  •  Bioluminescent Bacterial Lightbulb 
  •  Smartphone Digital Microscope 
  •  Electrospinning with Polymers 

Extended Projects 

  •  Robotic Prosthetic Limbs 
  •  Joint project with local hos-pitals to develop/improve surgical tools 

Bioengineering is a large field but there are students currently contributing to the scientific community through their senior project research. Walla Walla University provides Bioengineering Seniors with many options for senior projects such as:

  • Electrospinning
  • Biofilm
  • 3D printing
  • Bio reactors

Contact Dr. Janice McKenzie for senior Bioengineering project options!