Hands-on labs

Sometimes you need to take a break from book learnin' and do a little materials-testing-machine learnin'

Studying is important, but to prepare for a career doing things, you often need to...do things. That's what the labs are for. Here's where you meet and wisely decide not to shake hands with a robotic arm. Here's where you get to stress structures until they collapse—and get academic credit for it. Here's where you get to watch that machine part you designed on a computer get "printed" in 3D plastic by the rapid prototyping machine, and then carved in metal on the CNC lathe. Here's where you get to find out just how breezy it is in a wind tunnel, or how sopping wet water under pressure can get you.

Our hands-on labs are all about discovery:

Analog Electronics Lab
..where you can work on a shortwave radio for Electronics II class

Computer Lab
..where you can lay out your circuit boards (to be fabricated using the LPKF circuit board milling machine in the pojects lab) as part of the Intro to CAD class.

Digital Electronics Lab
..where you can make the final touches on your senior project

..where you can practice readin a clampon current meter.

Environmental Lab
..where you can use the total station—an electical/optical distance meter and theodolite with an attached data collector.

Fluids Lab
..where you might get sprayed when you practice measuring the rate of water's flow as it exits a nozzle.

Manufacturing Lab
..where you can adjust the timing of the pneumatic cylinders on you stator manufacturing machine.

Materials Lab
..where you can observe a calibration wafer under an optical microscope during Physical Electronics lab.

Projects Lab
..where you will assemble a radio for Electronics II class.

Rapid Prototyping Lab
..where you create a models and mockups.

Structures Lab
..where you can test structural components such as beams, columns, walls, and welded connections. 

Vibrations Lab
..where you will visualize the response of a structure to vibrations of various frequencies.