Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science
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Computers are the tools. You are the mastermind.

Anyone who enjoys creatively using technology to solve real-word problems has the potential to succeed as a computer scientist.

Just about every industry in our modern economy needs computer scientists. Our graduates don't just become software developers writing applications for a large company.  They also wind up as freelance web developers who create intuitive websites, data scientists who sift through vast amounts of data to help businesses or government entities make better decisions, support personnel who maintain the large networks of computers that make up the “cloud,” researchers who develop new algorithms for safer medical imaging, or even professors who teach others how to make computers do all of these exciting things.

Because the applications are so broad, well-trained computer scientists are needed now more than ever. We’ve updated the computer science curriculum at WWU to better meet these needs.  Our new program covers everything from programming essentials to digital ethics, all within the context of the service-minded Christian world view which makes WWU unique.  We endeavor to prepare well-rounded computer scientists who are ready to be not only technically proficient technology professionals, but thoughtful citizens as well.

Walla Walla University offers five different degrees in computing, ranging from highly technical options such as the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a concentration in Computer Engineering, to the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems offered jointly with the School of Business, or the mission-oriented Master of Arts in Cinema, Religion, and Worldview with a concentration in Web and Interactive Media.

The Computer Science curriculum is organized into strands designed to provide students technical expertise in a wide range of modern computing fields.  These strands include:

  • Applied Computer Science
  • Web and Information Management
  • Computational Science and Intelligent Systems
  • Programming Methods and Tools
  • Theoretical Computer Science, and
  • Computer Architecture and Organization

Explore Walla Walla Universities Computer Science Curriculum

Walla Walla University Computer Science majors are encouraged to develop their professional skills both inside and outside of the classroom. Whether through computer-related employment, community service, or extra-curricular activities, students have many opportunities to develop the leadership and technical skills that will help them succeed in the job market.  Below are just a few of these opportunities

  • On-campus Employment: 
    • Teaching Assistants and Graders for Computer Science classes
    • Systems Administrators for the student-run Computer Science lab
    • Student workers for the campus Information Technology department
    • Technical positions with the Associated Students of Walla Walla University

  • Internships coordination and support starting in the Freshman year

  • Participation and/or leadership in the student-led WWU chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) club

  • Yearly Microsoft Employee sponsored Hackathon event

  • Community-service and/or industry focused senior capstone projects.
Last update on July 23, 2018