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February 28-March 1, 1970

Readers' theatre based on a poem by Stephen Vincent Benet


John Brown
Clay Wingate
Abraham Lincoln
Steve Dickerson
Jack ElliotDan Lamberton
Melora Vilas
Mary Lou Wingate
Sally Dupre
Anita Ladd
Other ReadersGreg Gleffe
Judy Erick
Robin Parks
music and chants"Schola Cantorum"


DirectorDonnie Rigby
Musical Score and DirectorHarold Lickey

October 30, 1970


JobDan Lamberton
ChorusAnita Ladd
La Jean Lawson
Wanda Ottman
God, Satan, and Job's friendsEric Graham, Robert Lloyd, Ken Rogers, and Dennis Wysong


DirectorDonnie Rigby
Backdrop PaintingKaren Gronemyer
SoundTed Duncan

Job was also presented at Portland Union Academy and Laurelwood Academy on Friday, Nov. 13, 1970, 
and at Columbia Academy on Nov. 14.

February 27 & 28, 1971
by Reginald Rose
directed by Donnie Rigby


Bruce Audredge
John Balharrie
Ron Cafferky
Mike Cook
Jerry Cox
Steve Cross
Eric Graham
Doug Jones
Dan Lamberton - Juror 8
Gary Rogers
Dave Weiss
Randy White
Dennis Wysong

Twelve Angry Men was performed in Village Hall.


November 9, 1971
A reader's theater presentation by the English Department


Mike Fiedler as Everyman
Dalene Ringering
Pam Dietrich
Kathy Miller
Cary Miller
Sharon Emmerson
Greg Bahnsen
Doug Jones
Wendell Buck
Dale Robson
Douglas Walker

December 3, 1971
by Albert Johnson
Directed by Donnie Rigby

Anita Cafferky
Ken Rogers
Dennis Wysong

March 4-5, 1972
by Celeste Raspanti
Directed by Donnie Rigby, assisted by Helen Stephens
Performed in Village Hall


RajaJoy Smith
IrenaGeorgine Hultz
HonzaDoug Jones
Nazi GuardRandy Henneberg

Backdrop Design    Chuck Way

March/April, 1972
Sponsored by the American Cancer Society
Directed by Donnie Rigby


Laurie WilkinsMarji Brewer
BoyfriendLloyd Perrin
Other ActorsEllen Anderson
Sue Grant
Greg Robbins

Scheduled for twelve performances to grade school and junior high students during March and April 1972.

May 2, 1972

Presented as part of ASWWC "Spring Thing" by the Projects and Interpretation class in Village Hall.

May 13, 1972
by Pennelope Bifflesnirk and Geraldine Kootzeeni (pen names)


PresidentDeanne Wagner
President's HusbandBrad Grant
NewscasterJerry Cox

Performed for the annual AGA "Hour of Charm" in Columbia Auditorium.

November 17, 1972
By Albert Johnson
Directed by Donnie Rigby

Sharon Kirkpatrick
Harold Smith
Fritz Goset

Also performed at Pacific Union College on April 14, 1973.

February 4, 1973
Directed by Donnie Rigby
Columbia Auditorium 

The 20-minute play was performed as part of "The Rain, the Park and Other Things" banquet hosted by ASWWC.

February 24-25, 1973
by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman
Directed by Donnie Rigby
Performed in Village Hall


Alice Sycamore Louella Baker
Tony Kirby Keith Lundquist
Penelope Sycamore Gina Lindsey
Martin Vanderhof Jerry Cox
Paul Sycamore Stan Cleveland
Essie Gwen Davis
Ed Doug Bristlin
Mr. Kirby Bill McCool
Mrs. Kirby Nancy Irland
additional actors Pat Farver
Harold Smith
Mitch Robinson
Ted Spreadborough
Gary Way
Dave Pershall
Karrin Kirkman
John Balharrie
Brad Grant
Kathy Hall


Also performed at Pacific Union College on April 14, 1973.

May 13, 1973
Village Hall

Not Enough Rope by Elaine May
directed by: Keith Lundquist
cast: Richard Goe, Debbie Thomas

(scene from) The Jewish Wife by Bertolt Brecht
directed by: Sandy Brecht
cast: Lolly Baker

(scenes from) James Thurber Carnival
directed by: Dan Dimke

Picnic on a Battlefield by Fernando Arrabel
directed by: Pat Farver
cast: John Featherston, Jay Spady

The Necklace by Guy DeMaupassaret
directed by Dave Pershall
cast: Nannette Crowell

The Summer People by Shirley Jackson
directed by Doug Bristlin

Performed as part of ASWWC's "Spring Thing" campus day.
The Jewish Wife was performed at a later date.

November 30, 1973

The October 11, 1973 issue of The Collegian reported that the fall quarter drama production would feature black poetry and Negro spirituals with music by Schola Cantorum. Donnie Rigby is quoted as saying "There will be no open tryouts for this program. Since we need to get into this program quickly, we will use experienced drama students." Further details are unknown.

February 23-24, 1974
By Thorton Wilder
Directed by Donnie Rigby
Village Hall


Stage ManagerJim Bock
Dr. Gibbs 
Joe Crowell 
Howie NewsomeMitch Robison
Mrs. GibbsMarlyn Johnson
Mrs. WebbLinda Loy
George Gibbs 
Rebecca Gibbs 
Wally Webb 
Emily WebbNanette Crowell
Professor Willard 
Mr. Webb 
Simon StimsonMark Robison
Mrs. Soames 
Constable Warren 
Si Crowell 
Sam Craig 
Joe Stoddard 
TownspeopleTamara Russell,


May 5-6, 1974
Village Hall

Student-directed one acts under the supervision of Professor Donnie Rigby.

Taming of the Shrew
by William Shakespeare
adapted by Luella E. McMahon
directed by: Marlyn Johnson


KatherinaGina Lindsey
PetruchioMark Robison

Mitch Robison
Bruce La Hey
Marlyn Johnson
Tamara Russell


Scratch (excerpts)
by Archibald MacLeish
(reader's theater)
directed by: Mark Robison


Performed as part of ASWWC's Spring Thing on Sunday May 5. Additional performance on Monday May 6.


November 22, 1974
by P. W. Turner
directed by Donnie Rigby

Loren Dickinson, speech department chair
Don French, English instructor
Donnie Rigby, associate professor of speech
Ronna Archbold, speech instructor
Sharon Kirkpatrick, senior speech pathology major
Jim Bock, sophomore speech major

Presented for the November 22 Vespers program in the College Church. 
There may have been additional performances in Portland and the Tri-Cities.

February 22-March 2, 1975
Village Hall

Directed by Donnie Rigby, assisted by Jim Bock

May 11, 1975
Village Hall

The Case of the Crushed Petunias
by Tennessee Williams

Opening Night
by M. Euell Skinner

Shadow of a Sovereign
by Gloria Gonzales

George Boleyn - Don Andre
Anne Boleyn - Ruth Blabey

The Hired Man
adapted from the poem by Robert Frost

The Masque of Mercy*
adapted from the poem by Robert Frost
directed by Mark Robison and Ken Leiske

My Brother's Keeper - Gary Way
Jonas Dove - Mark Durante
Paul - Kenneth Field
Jesse Bel - Gina Lindsey

*Additional performance on December 13, 1975 in Village Hall for Sabbath Forum. Sponsored by Actors Repertory Company (an organization of Christian actors). Mark Robinson played the My Brother's Keeper in this performance.

December 13, 1975

See Play Direction Class 1975.

February 22, 1976
Adapted from John Bunyon
Directed by Donnie Rigby
College Church

Narrators - Ken Field, Pat Farver
Nine additional students rounded out the cast.

A readers' theater production.  Performed in the Walla Walla College Church for the regular worship service.

February 28, 29, and March 7, 1976
Directed by Donnie Rigby
Village Hall


Eliza Doolittle Willa Sandmeyer
Henry Higgins Stephen Winslett
Colonel Pickering Clayton Moore
Additional actors: Gina Lindsey
Roxanne Gulck
Shonna Larson
Stephen Payne
Betty Hale
Mark Duarty
Dean Gienger
Lynette Arellano
Mark Robison
Donnie Rigby
Mitch Robison
Jim Rogers

April ?? - May 2, 1976
By Tennessee Williams
Directed by Donnie Rigby
Village Hall


Amanda Gina Lindsay
Tom Mark Robison
Laura Melinda Jose
Gentleman Caller: Jim Bock


Lighting Randy Schornstein
Set Ken Leiske

Directed by Donnie Rigby

According to the January 27, 1977 Collegian, The Hiding Place was performed earlier in the school year with an additional performance scheduled for February and was also taken to Columbia Academy and Wenatchee during January 1977, with a final performance scheduled at Portland Adventist Academy in late March 1977.

February 26, 27, and March 6, 1977
By Robert Bolt
Directed by Donnie Rigby
Village Hall


Sir Thomas Moore Lee Olson
Alice Moore Donna Yaw
Margaret Moore Kathy Willard
Henry VIII Jim Bock
the Common Man Mark Robison
Chapuys Greg Brothers
Duke of Norfolk Clayton Moore
Richard Rich Mike LeBeau
Cromwell Sid Lloyd
Additional actors: Jon Blenn
Eric Anderson
Greg Loewen
Jean Inaba
Steve Winslett

May 22, 1977
Presented by the Play Direction Class
Village Hall

Blue Stocking by Conrad Richter
directed by: Jean Poirot


Grandpa Luckett Pete White
Porlius Wheeler Bob Niks
Sayward Wheeler Jeanne Smith
Genny Cindy Kind
Dezia Hazel Dorgan
Soath Anita Davis
Cornelia Becky Lacy


The Open Window by Saki (H. H. Monroe)
directed by: Barbara Williams
music by: Greg Loewen


Mr. Nuttel Clayton Moore
Vera Willa Sandmeyer
Mrs. Sappleton Sylvia Green
Maid Roxanne Gulck
Mr. Sappleton Greg Saunders
Freddie Jim Stinnett


Les Precieuses Ridicules by Moliere (translated by Larry Randolph)
directed by: Marilynn Kaye Loveless

DuCroisy Randy Wisbey
LaGrange Steve Hanson
Georges Steve Winslett
Marotte Grace Muncie
Margaret Katherine Willard
Catherine Margaret Dalgleish
Mascarille Sid Lloyd
Jodetet Greg Loewen
Porters, musicians: Greg Saunders
Jim Stinnett


Master Director Donnie Rigby
Costumes: June Smith
Marcene Thomas
Lighting Mike Rembolt
Loveseat Little Theatre of Walla Walla 



December 2 & 3, 1977

February 25, 26, March 4, 5, 1978
Music by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick
Directed by Donnie Rigby
Village Hall


TevyeDon James
GoldaDonna Yaw
Additional actors:  Pam Reynolds
Harold Smith
Sharon Letcher
Jeannie Smith
Julie Hardy
Lori Hellie
Juanita Perry
Jerry Place
Rick Murray
Craig Bradley
Kathy Spring
Clayton White
Reg Unterseher
Larry Petite
Glenn Hardy
Leaza Gilliland
Elizabeth Hartig
Lynn Boyd
Allison Jones
Carmen Nunnemaker
David Kharns
Steve Winslett
Don Gamundoy
Dennis Webster




Orchestra DirectorGlenn Spring
Chorus DirectorSonya Gourley

December 1, 1978
A contemporary version of John Milton's classic work
Directed by Donnie Rigby
Village Hall


Rick Gage
Don Gwinn
Jean Inaba
Viki Kappel
Warren Kay
Rob Weller

Performed twice for vespers at 6:30 and 8:00 p.m.

February 24, 25, March 3 and 4, 1979
by Rudolph Beiser
directed by Donnie Rigby, assisted by Rick Gage
Village Hall


Elizabeth Barrett Nola Jean Bamberry
Robert Browning Clayton Moore
Edward Barrett Steve Winslett
Hennrietta Sylvia Green
Octavious Steve Sczekan
Wilson Anita Davis
Alfred Steve Terry
Bella Hadley Crystal Pegel
Henry Bevin Rick Gage
Doctor Ford-Waterlow Wade Barnes
Captain Cook Mike Woods
Doctor Chambers Don James
Arabel Tammi Nelson
Septimus Jerry Place
Henry Victor Gouge
George Lloyd Wright

May 20, 1979
Presented by the Play Direction class
Taught by Donnie Rigby
Village Hall

By Eugene O'Neil
Directed by Rob Weller


  • Mark Rearrick

  • Shelly Nelson

By Neil Simon
Directed by Rick Cooksley

When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet
By Charles George
Directed by Julie Jorgensen

Two in a Trap
By Allean Lemmon Hale
Directed by Jean Inaba


  • Nola Jean Bamberry

  • Becky Lacey

When Time Has Come
By Skip Joers
Directed by Skip Joers


  • Mike Wood

  • Don James

December 1 & 2, 1979
Directed by Donnie Rigby
Village Hall


Little to no information is known on programs with an asterisk (*) by their title.