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Summer 2018 Finances


A $60 nonrefundable fee is required and due at time of application. The fee can be paid with a credit card through the online application or by check/cash through the mail. APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNTIL THE $60 FEE HAS BEEN RECEIVED.

Detailed financial and contact information will be sent to accepted students in early March 2018.

TUITION for Walla Walla University Students: $725 per quarter credit hour for undergraduate students, $592 per quarter credit hour for graduate students.  Undergraduate students registered for General Biology are charged for 12 quarter credit hours ($8700) plus a $120 lab fee (total of $8820 for tuition and lab fee).  Students registered for one or two upper-division courses are charged for 10 quarter credit hours ($7250 for undergraduate students, $5920 for graduate students) plus a $400 lab fee. The "Summer Advantage Program" for new WWU students is not available for courses taken at Rosario.

TUITION for Affiliate Students:  Students from affiliate institutions pay tuition and lab fees directly to the institution where they are enrolled at that institution's tuition rates, and pay housing and board to Walla Walla University.  Please contact your institution's student financial office.  

TUITION for Other Students:
  all other students pay directly to Walla Walla University at WWU rates

BOARD (to be paid by all students directly to Walla Walla University)
$1,010 flat fee in the cafeteria.  Graduate students and married students with families have the option of eating in the cafeteria or providing their own food.

HOUSING (to be paid by all students directly to Walla Walla University)
Single students (shared housing): $800
Students with families: $1,170

Prospective scuba divers (see "Scuba Diving" link) will be charged a $75 scuba fee to cover the costs of the check-out procedure.  Visiting researchers will be charged $8.00/tank to cover the cost of air fills.  Students enrolled in courses will not be charged for air fills.  See Scuba Diving for more information on requirements.

Accepted students will be sent additional financial information in early March 2018.  Financial arrangements must be made prior to arrival at Rosario. Contact Student Financial Services, Walla Walla University, College Place, WA 99324, phone (509) 527-2815 or (800) 656-2815, after you have received the financial information in early March 2018.  Students who do not obtain financial clearance by noon on Friday, June 16, 2018, will be dropped from their summer courses. Registration for courses will be finalized at Rosario on Monday, June 25, 2018.  Textbooks will be available for purchase at Rosario; estimated textbook cost is $300-$350.

Scholarship money is available for current WWU undergraduate biology majors who will be taking upper-division courses at Rosario and who plan to graduate from WWU.  Information will be sent to current WWU undergraduate biology majors in January 2018.

Last update on January 9, 2018