Distinguished Faculty Lecture

Distinguished Faculty Lecture
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Distinguished Faculty Lecture

2017-2018 Distinguished Faculty Lecture—Dr. Pedrito Maynard-Reid

JUSTICE: A Radical, Prophetic Call to the Academy and the Pew

Prophets, ancient and modern, have challenged the church and the nation to let justice roll down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream. The call of the prophets has been "whole"—personal and social, individual and corporate, religious and secular. They brought hope to the hopeless, and provoked the powerful. They confronted the comfortable, and ministered to the marginal. We need a radical, biblical, prophetic voice in the halls of academia and in the pulpits of the worshiping community. Where are the pastoral and professorial prophets today?

This lecture was recorded live on Nov. 12, 2017 at 7 p.m.

2016-2017 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer—Paul Dybdahl

Barricade or Bridges: Adventism and the World Religions

Communication systems today allow for a nearly global conversation, yet most people know very little about the religious beliefs of others. This lack of familiarity breeds suspicion and even fear. It is only natural, then, that we create barriers in order to protect ourselves. But is there another way? What if we chose to listen? What if we chose to walk across bridges rather than build taller walls? Professor Dybdahl will explore these issues and suggest that we don’t need to be afraid. The religious climate of our world is more tranquil than we realize. It’s actually a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

2015 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer—Kellie Bond

2014 Distinguished Faculty Lecture-Linda Emmerson

2013 Distinguished Faculty Lecture-David Bullock

2012 Distinguished Faculty Lecture-Karen Tetz

Previous Lecturers

2017-2018     Pedrito Maynard-Reid, Professor of Theology

2016-2017     Paul Dybdahl, Professor of Theology

2015-2016     Kellie Bond, Associate Professor of English

2014-2015     Linda Emmerson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

2013-2014     David Bullock, Professor of Communication

2012-2013     Karen Tetz, Professor of Nursing

2011-2012     Joseph G. Galusha Jr., Professor of Biology

2010-2011     Pamela Keele Cress, Professor of Social Work and Sociology

2009-2010     Thomas M. Thompson, Professor of Mathematics

2008-2009     Gregory D. Dodds, Associate Professor of History

2007-2008     Bruce C. Johanson. Professor of Biblical Studies

2006-2007     Jon A. Cole, Professor of Engineering

2005-2006     Beverly G. Beem, Professor of English

2004-2005     James R. Nestler, Professor of Biology

2003-2004     Alden L. Thompson, Professor of Biblical Studies

2002-2003     Kraig S. M. Scott, Associate Professor of Music

2001-2002     Douglas R. Clark, Professor of OT and Archaeology

2000-2001     Rodney Heisler, Professor of Engineering

1999-2000     C. Loren Dickinson, Professor of Communication

1998-1999     Roland R. Blaich, Professor of History

1997-1998     Verlie Y. F. Ward, Professor of Education

1996-1997     Thomas J. Emmerson, Professor of Art

1995-1996     Claude C. Barnett, Professor of Physics

1994-1995     Terrie Dopp Aamodt, Professor of English and History

1993-1994     Ernie J. Bursey, Professor of Biblical Studies

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