Our Work

The work of the Faculty Development Committee is to:

  • Recommend policies and administer programs to foster professional growth.
  • Recommend policies regarding faculty research and administer faculty grant applications.
  • Review sabbatical applications and submit recommendations to the administration.
  • Oversee the activities of the Faculty Center.

Our Members

The committee consists of the Vice-President for Academic Administration or designee, and six teaching faculty. The faculty members should represent each of the following three academic areas: humanities, sciences-mathematics-engineering, and professional-technical.

The vice-chair coordinates applications for faculty grants.

Current Committee Members

  • Cheris Current, Chair
  • Tom Ekkens, Vice Chair
  • Maria Bastien
  • Jim Boyd, Ex officio (Chair of the Faculty)
  • Mathilde Frey
  • Volker Henning, Ex officio (VP, Academic Administration)
  • Nerissa Lewis

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