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Lowell Bock ’46 resides in Banning, Calif. Lowell received the Charles
E. Weniger Award for Outstanding Achievement in Loma Linda, Calif. He has served as a pastor and a conference admin­istrator for 45 years.
dick mcCoy ’50 and his wife, Thelma
(Johnson) ’46, live in Port Angeles, Wash. Although they are retired, they both teach a class of 25 piano students. Thelma has taught 64 years of piano lessons to hun­dreds of students. Dick and Thelma celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary September 2007. They have two children Nancy Nedder­man ’74 and Colette Sharer att.
susan (Fosdal) Comeau ’58 and her husband, Cliff, live in Beltsville, Md. Su­san works as an administrative assistant for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. She has had the op­portunity to travel to Kenya, Costa Rica, India and Brazil for special assignments during General Conference sessions. Cliff and Susan have two grown sons, Don and Ken ’86.
Jerry dawes ’59 and his wife, Marie (Hin­er) att., currently live in Wenatchee, Wash. Some of Jerry’s college memories include Dr. Westermeyer’s chapel talks. Jerry and Marie have six grown children, Geri, Roger, Jason, Ashley, Carlee, and Jena.
Carlene (heid) Johnson ’58 and her husband, Glenn ’58, live in Berrien
Springs, Mich. Carlene works as the ad­ministrative assistant to the vice presi­dent for academic administration at Andrews University. Glen and Carlene volunteer around the community. In their spare time, they like to travel and have been to the British Isles, Fiji, Maritime Provinces, and will soon be traveling to South Africa. Carlene’s college memories are making new friends and working for Mrs. Aplington.
Frances (welch) mathison ’58 and her husband, Wellington ’60, reside in Dayton, Nev. Frances is a retired regis­tered nurse health educator. She enjoys living near her grandchildren and play­ing the piano for two local churches. Her college memories include the friendli­ness of fellow students and walks to the Whitman monument. Frances and Wel­lington have two grown children, Jeff and Brenda.
Elizabeth (Ashley) myers ’58 and her husband, Bobby ’60, reside in Madison,
Ala. Elizabeth works as the vice presi­dent for Myers Agency Services. In her spare time, she enjoys singing with the Sweet Adelines, Metro Nashville Chorus, and the community chorus. Her favorite college memories were teaching micro­
biology and anatomy labs as a gradu­ate student and working in the printing press and bindery as part of the janito­rial crew in the old Ad building. Bobby and Elizabeth have two children, Serena and Darren.
Arthur Nelson ’58 and his wife, Ester (Miller) att., are enjoying retirement in Pleasant Plains, Ill. Arthur was employed by the Seventh-day Adventist church for more than 41 years where he worked as a principal, academy teacher and secretary-treasurer of the Wisconsin Conference. In 2007, Arthur and Esther celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They have two children, Jere and Debi.
mary (Cleveland) Noah ’58 and her husband, George ’55, live in Spokane,
Wash. Mary worked for 40 years as a teacher at Philippine Union College, Walla Walla University, and Whitworth Univer­sity. Mary and George have two grown children, Narlita and Anita att.
G. Corinne (Elliott) Pestes ’58 and her husband, Michael ’57, live in Sierra
sewing for her grandchildren. Corinne and Michael have three grown children, Laurin ’82, Jean Boller ’86, and Ryan Pestes ’88.
Vista, Ariz. After retiring, Corinne and Mi-chael enjoy volunteering in their local church. Michael is a head deacon and Corinne works as the primary Sabbath School leader and clerk. In her spare time, Corinne enjoys knitting, gardening, and
Norma (reistad) reiswig ’58 and her husband, Oran, live in Chico, Calif. In their
spare time, Norma and Oran enjoy spend­ing time with their grandchildren and boating on Lake Oroville. They also active­ly support the local symphony and com­munity church. Norma and Oran have three children, Lisa, Colette, and Kent.
Anton Andersen att., is a retired civil engineer living in San Diego, Calif. The bulk of his career was spent within the rail transit industries. He is currently in­volved with the San Diego Model Rail­road Museum.
Fred Christensen ’68 and his wife, June Rasmussen att., live in Pasco, Wash. Fred works as a pastor in the Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. In his spare time, he enjoys camping, read­ing, and motorcycle riding. Fred and June have four children, Erick ’97, Mark att., Stephanie att., and Deidre att.
Francie (Glenn) davidson ’69 and her husband, Russ ’71, live in Rhododen­dron, Ore. Francie works as a fourth grade teacher for Portland Adventist Elemen­tary School. Francie and Russ sold their home in Portland and moved up into the mountains where they both enjoy the view of Mt. Hood and the Sandy River.
Viola (sayles) hufman ’67 att. and her husband, Gary, live in Nampa, Idaho. Viola works as the secretary for the retail opera­tions vice president at Pacific Press. Some of her favorite college memories include band trips, hayrides, and working in the library. Gary and Viola have two children, Derek and Diana.
margaret (shannon) LePique ’63 and her husband, Thomas att., live in Shelton, Wash. Margaret retired after more than 30 years of teaching. They are active in their church. They also enjoy family vacations at the beach with grandchildren and visit­ing lighthouses. Some of Margaret’s favor­ite college memories were of Helen Evan’s worship talk in Conard Hall and meet­ing people while working at the College Dairy. She boasts that she can still make a nicely shaped ice cream cone. Thomas and Margaret have two grown children, Kimberly Cole att., and Todd ’92.
don Loomer ’63 lives in College Place. He retired from teaching and in his spare time he enjoys running, traveling, and backpacking. His favorite college memo­ries include the dedicated teachers and the field trips. Don has two grown chil­dren, Todd ’86 and Rodney.
darlene (Barnhart) Perry ’68 and her husband, Allen, live in Sun City, Calif.
From her years at college, Darlene re­members working for Helen Evans Thompson. Darlene and Allen have one daughter, Nicole.
thomas siaw ’63 resides in Germany. He is looking forward to his trip to Hong Kong for medical missionary work. In his spare time, Thomas enjoys riding uni­cycles and oil painting. He has two chil­dren, Steve and Sonia.
donald wagner ’66 and his wife, ma­rolyn (Eiseman) ’65, live in Walla Walla.
Marolyn works as an registered nurse for an assisted living facility. Donald’s favor­ite college memory was being married in Conard Hall Chapel. Donald and Marolyn have two children, Donald II and Mindy.
Ken walters ’63 and his wife, Karla, reside in Bellevue, Wash. Ken works at the University of Washington. Some of Ken’s favorite college memories include two summers of “colporteuring,” and his professors Ralph Jones, Nancy Bull, and Joseph Barnes. Ken and Karla have two children, Karen and Mary.
Gary Beck ’78 and his wife, Fukuko, reside in Orofino, Idaho. Gary works as a pastor for the Upper Columbia Confer­ence of Seventh-day Adventists. In his spare time, Gary enjoys reading books on history and theology and gardening. Gary and Fukuko have two children, Ernest ’03 and Erika att.
ron Carroll att., and his wife, Beatrice (Brown) ’97, live in Meridian, Idaho. Ron works as a healing facilitator. In their spare time, Beatrice and Ron enjoy par­ticipating in ballroom dancing competi­tions. They have four children, Victoria, Patricia, Andrew, and Traci att.
ron Cate ’79 and his wife, Bonnie, live in Walla Walla, Wash. Ron works as a registered nurse in the med/surg unit at Providence St. Mary Medical Center. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his grandkids and traveling. Ron and Bonnie have five children, Michael, Erica, Christopher, Tiffani, and Cassie.
 Betty Choi-Fung ’78 and her husband, Herbert, live in Toronto, Canada. Betty works as a medical doctor and owns a
family practice clinic. In her spare time, she enjoys bicycling, playing the harp, and skiing trips with the family. Betty and Herbert have two grown children, Caro­lyn and Jocely.
william Fritz ’75 currently works as the senior vice president for academic affairs/ provost at the College of Staten Island. William previously worked at Georgia State University for 27 years.
Jeanine Kablanow ’79 and her hus­band, Wayne att., live in Athol, Idaho. One of Jeanine’s favorite college memories include hiking at North Fork. Jeanine and Wayne have two children, Crystal and Eric.
scott Parmele ’74 lives in Coos Bay, Ore. He works as an elementary teacher for Goldcoast Adventist School. In his spare time, Scott enjoys hiking, golfing, and reading.
robert Pielaet Jr. ’79 and his wife, Pa­tricia (Shobe) att., live in Creswell, Ore. Robert works at Sacred Heart Medical Center as a part of the biomedical equip­ment team.
wayne schafer ’78 and his wife, Pa­mela (Maxey) ’79, live in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. Wayne works as a se­nior counsel member in the Aboriginal Law Section in the Department of Jus­tice where he defends the Government of Canada in major land claim litigation cases. In January 2008, he was awarded a Queen’s Counsel designation, a high honor. He has also had the privilege of contributing a chapter to the Law Society’s of Alberta’s 100th Anniversary Celebration Book. His college memories include vespers with Loren Dickenson, living in Hallmark apartments, and his­tory classes with professors Blaich and Schwantes.
maxine (meador) shumate ’78 and her husband, Frederick ’78, reside in Covington, Wash. Maxine works at Buena Vista Seventh-day Adventist School. She enjoys collecting various items including cassettes, clocks, Tupperware, and ther­mometers. Her favorite college memory was skating in Columbia Auditorium.
Lynn (Barter) Yanke ’78 and her hus­band, Ed ’77, work in Gresham, Ore. Lynn works as a registered nurse at Legacy Mt. Hood Medical Center. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and golf. Lynn’s favorite college memories include the Canadian students and worship with friends. Lynn and Ed have two children, Roderick att., and Royce.
holly (Ingersoll) Abrams ’83 and her husband, Ron ’82, live in Sequatchie, Tenn. Holly works as a teacher for the Georgia Cumberland Conference of
Seventh-day Ad­
ventists. In her
spare time, she
enjoys scrapbook­
ing , traveling, and
backpacking. Her
favorite college
memories were Friday night vespers. Ron and Holly have four children, Mishala, Honiko, Ryissa, and Nikolas.
mark Aden ’84 and his wife, Stephanie, live in Spokane, Wash. Mark works as the principal of DCI Engineers. Mark and Stephanie have two children, Erik and Nicole.
Bernice Beddoe ’89 and her husband, Ken Roberts, live in Fairbanks, Alaska. Bernice and Ken are licensed clinical social workers and have worked in the mental health field for the past 15 years. She is currently the director of the resi­dential unit for pre-teens and teens with extreme behavior and mental health issues. Some of Bernice’s favorite col­lege memories include working with her freshman biology lab partner Debbie Kaye and the organ music at the college church events.
Bob Berdan ’80 lives in Beaverton, Ore. He works as a paramedic field trainer and educator. Every year he has had the privilege of visiting remote regions of various countries to do medical and dental work. In his spare time, he enjoys
traveling and restoring antique vehicles. Bob has three children, Melissa ’07, Jeremy and Julie.
richard Froelich ’83 and his wife, Robin, reside in Boonsboro, Md. Richard works as the senior engineer for GSE Technologies. His favorite college memories are of his years at the Haffner House. Richard and Robin have two chil­dren, Rose and Caleb.
stephen harden ’83 and his wife, ruby (Eastwood) ’84, live in Wenatchee, Wash. Stephen is the owner of Affordable Realty.
tracy (winter) harder att., and her husband, Thomas, live in Roseburg, Ore. After teaching in California, Tracy and Thomas enjoy moving back into the Northwest. Some of Tracy’s favorite col­lege memories include ASWWC days, trips into Walla Walla, and the English department in the old ad building.
Bruce Kay ’83 and his wife, Julia (Hiner) ’90, currently live in Kirkland, Wash. Bruce
works as the senior director of engineer­ing at Green Point Technology. In his spare time, he enjoys flying, wakeboarding, and vacations to Mexico. Bruce and Julia have two children, Meghan and Hampton.
thomas Lyon’84 lives in Clinton, Utah. Thomas works as the owner of Lyon Graphic Design. He enjoys mountain biking, and his favorite college memories include the friendships made.
Julia (silcox) Payaban ’84, and her hus­band, Ruel, live in Oceanside, Calif. Julia has worked as the principal of Oceanside Adventist Elementary for the past 13 years. She enjoys traveling, especially her most recent trip to Hawaii, where they traveled to four different islands. Julia and Ruel have one child, Angela, who attends La Sierra University.
Charles reel ’89 and his wife, Karla (Peck) ’90, live in Pierre, S.D. Charles works as the vice president of finance in the Dakota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. His favorite college memories include rainbows over the campus and dating his wife.
Cheryl swanson ’89 and her husband, Charlie, live in Puyallup, Wash. Cheryl works as a psychiatric social worker. In their spare time, Cheryl and Charlie en­joy birding, canoeing, day hiking, and reading. Some of Cheryl’s favorite col­lege memories include being part of the first computer couple-matched ban­quet. She has two children, Brian ’92, and Bradley att.
Jennifer (Perry) white ’89 and her hus­band, Robert White II ’91, live in Oregon City, Ore. They have two children, Zachary and Benjamin.
shane Atkins att., and his wife, Heather, live in Roseville, Calif. Shane is a pilot for Virgin American Airlines.
Nicole (Peschong) Batten’99 and her husband, Stephen, live in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada. Nicole re­cently started her own business, GoFish Publicity Solutions. Nicole serves on the board of directors for the Society of Adventist Communicators (SAC) and is the vice president of recruitment for SAC. Her favorite college memories include the many hours talking to Dr. Dickinson and meeting her husband. Nicole and Stephen have two children, Joshua and Seth.
heidi (ham) Evans ’98 and her hus­band, Daniel att., are currently living in Tualatin, Ore. Heidi works as a musician and a teacher. In her spare time, Heidi enjoys hiking, walking, gardening, and rafting. From her college years, Heidi re­members the many fire alarms in the girls’ dorm as a result of burnt popcorn, espe­cially during finals. Heidi and Daniel have two children, Ellia and Berren.
Jenny (dull) Evans’99 and her hus­band, Larry, live in Dayton, Ohio. Jenny works as the senior accountant of Win-Wholesale, Inc.
Jennie (mede) Furness ’98 is currently living in Laguna Hills, Calif. She works as a teacher at Laguna Niguel Junior Academy.
Allison (tait) melino ’98 and her hus­band, Marc, reside in Seattle, Wash. Al­lison works as the health and wellness director at Bellevue Family YMCA. Allison and Marc have traveled to Botswana, Africa, where they camped out with the hippos! One of Allison’s favorite college memories was going for long jogs down Whitman Ave. during spring afternoons.
debra (magretta) meredith ’98 and her husband, Robert, live in Spokane, Wash. Debra works as the case manager for Premera. Debra enjoys baking, read­ing, working with animals and spending time with her family. While at WWU, she remembers the amazing professors, and having study groups at the library. Debra has two children, Krystal and Christine.
Anthony mohr ’99 lives in Camarillo, Ca­lif. He works as a staff engineer for a local company. In his spare time, he enjoys ski­ing and swing dancing.
Jennifer (Korb) Oetman ’98 and her husband, Greg att., are currently living in Walla Walla. Jennifer is a self-employed clinical social worker. Upon graduation, Jennifer worked as a medical social work­er for the Veteran’s Administration Health-care system for five years. Currently, she is a stay-at-home mom with 3-year-old son Owen and maintains her social work practice on the side.
william Parker ’92 and Carolina Salido were married on Oct. 12, 2007, in Lan­caster, Mass.
Pamela (duncan) rodman ’98 and her husband, Jere, make their home in College Place. Pamela works as the of­fice manager for the English depart­ment. Since graduation in 1998, the highlight of her life was finding and
marrying her husband. From her college days, Pamela remembers an impromptu chocolate party with the girls living in her hall.
melinda (rainey) russell ’98 and her husband, Craig, are currently living in Me­ridian, Idaho. Melinda works as a licensed clinical social worker at Montgomery Counseling Center.
stacy schwarz ’98 and her husband, Tracy ’96, live in Walla Walla. Stacy works as a stay-at-home mom and works two Sundays a month as a registered nurse at Blue Mountain Medical Group. In her spare time she enjoys reading and sew­ing. Stacy fondly remembers Friday night vespers and sledding at Tollgate.
mary strubhar ’98 lives in Hubbard, Ore. Mary works as a registered nurse at Providence Newberg Medical Center. In her spare time she enjoys crocheting, calligraphy, gardening, and visiting with friends. Her favorite college memories are working in the library with Shirley and the friendships with the faculty, especially Lois Whitchurch.
Andy toms ’98 and his wife, Karla, are currently living in Bend, Ore. Andy works as a dentist.
steve wilson ’98 and his wife, Kelly Jo, are living in Touchet, Wash. Steve is cur­rently employed at Andy’s Market. In his spare time he enjoys snowmobiling, and restoring/building automobiles. Some of Steve’s memories include countless hours spent in computer and hydraulics labs.
Natalie (davis) hager ’00 and her hus­band, Earl, currently live in Princeton,

W. Va. Natalie works as an attorney for Harvey and Janutolo law offices. In March of 2007, Earl and Natalie adopted a 15­month-old boy, Alexander, from Russia. They are planning to go back soon and adopt a sister for Alexander. In Natalie’s spare time she enjoys hanging out with her husband and her son.

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