Web Content Style Guide

When making new pages on the website it is very important to format them properly. When used in an effective way, formatting will make content easier for readers to understand. It is also necessary to follow the same standards to preserve continuity across our website. 

For style and usage references, please see the Walla Walla University Style Guide and the AP Style Guide.

General Guidelines

  • For standard page content, use the header format provided in the element.
  • Paragraphs should be separated by one line, not indentation (tabs). 
  • If you need to use a second header or sub title within the body of your text, use Header 3 format.

Providing Emphasis

When trying to add emphasis to a word or phrase within your paragraph, less is more. This applies to all content creation. Do not use caps lock in titles or text unless absolutely necessary. 


Avoid boldfacing individual words within a paragraph for emphasis (use emphatic words or revise syntax for emphasis, if possible). 


Use italics for emphasis if word choice or syntax is not sufficient. Italicize non-English words and phrases, such as magna cum laude. Italicize titles of publications. 

Creating Links

When creating links on a page, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Avoid using cliché phrases such as "Click Here." Instead, use the title of the page or file you are linking to. Example: More information is available in the Walla Walla University Style Guide
  • When linking to another page within the university's website, always link to another page, not an external URL. This minimizes issues with migrating from the old to new website and page edits. Avoid linking to an external URL unless completely necessary.