Q: How will this change affect enrollment?
A: While WWC is open to students of all backgrounds, most of its students are Seventh-day Adventists from the United States. Walla Walla College and more than 10 other Adventist colleges and universities all vie for potential students who will choose an Adventist college or university. If a student has no prior connection to any institution, a name does influence impressions about a school. 

In recent years other Adventist colleges have adopted a university name. While the differences between these institutions may be clear to those in higher education, they may not be to potential students searching for a college for the first time. Walla Walla College's name should reflect where it stands in comparison to other Adventist institutions.

Among the institutions that have adopted a university name, WWC meets or exceeds the number of academic programs offered. WWC has the largest graduate program of the four institutions that have changed to a university name. WWC has a higher enrollment as well.

Adopting a university name will open WWC to the segment of potential students who perceives a university education to be more prestigious, or may offer more appeal to future employers.