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Walla Walla University Leadership

Walla Walla University President, John McVay, sits in an armchair in his office, smiling at the camera.

Since 2006, John K. McVay, has undertaken the task of leading Walla Walla University. McVay, assisted by four vice presidents, leads in the day-to-day management and direction of the university. The president receives this authority from the university's board of trustees.

Three times a year, the president and vice-presidents meet with the board of trustees to advise this governing body of university matters. The board of trustees is responsible for the overall government and welfare of the university including matters pertaining to students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The board is also responsible for selection of the university president and the determination of the major goals of the university and the approval of the university's financial budgets.

As a Seventh-day Adventist university, Walla Walla University's board members include regional leaders of the Adventist church as well as church members elected to terms of service on the board.



Last update on February 5, 2018