What is JumpStart?

JumpStart, a week long program from September 21-27, 2014, helps students transition from high school to the privileges and responsibilities of being a student at Walla Walla University.  JumpStart is designed for first-time freshmen.  

Register for JumpStart Now

To start a new student registration for JumpStart, click on the button below. You will receive email confirmation of your registration. NOTE: Online JumpStart registration will close at 4:00 PM on Wednesday, Sept. 17. After online registration closes, if you still wish to register for JumpStart, you may fill out a paper registration form in the Academic Advising Office in CTC 311. Paper registration forms will also be available at the "JumpStart Kick Off" event on Sunday, Sept. 21 in the WEC Gymnasium.

Transfer Student Orientation

An orientation for students transferring with more than 36 credits will be held on Thursday, September 25, beginning at 9:00 a.m. in Chan Shun Pavilion room 154.  The orientation will cover school policies, steps to finalizing registration and campus resource information.  Transfer students living in the residence halls may contact the deans for a move-in date.  Please contact Tricia McCoy at 509-527-2715 if you have any questions about transfer student orientation.

Transfer Student Orientation Registration

Get your university experience off to a strong start!

  • Settle in before everyone else.
  • Learn your way around campus.
  • Enjoy workshops designed to help you succeed in college.
  • Meet your lifelong friends!

Moving in: The residence halls will be open for JumpStart students to move in on Friday-Sunday, Sept. 19-21. There is no extra housing charge for students that participate in JumpStart. Please note that we observe Sabbath hours and request that you do not move in during Sabbath hours—the residence halls will be open for moving in from 9am-6pm on Friday Sept. 19 and 7:30pm-11pm on Saturday Sept. 20. For those who move in prior to Sunday, Sept. 21, please be aware that cafeteria services will not be available until Sunday at 5pm. Additionally, campus administrative offices will close at 12:00pm Friday and not reopen until Monday morning, excepting Student Financial Services which is open from 10am-4pm on Sunday, Sept. 21. We understand that travel arrangements may sometimes require an earlier arrival time. If you would like to request a move-in date prior to Sept. 19, please contact our deans to make appropriate arrangements.


Cost: The cost for JumpStart is $210.00 and will be charged to the student’s account when classes begin. The JumpStart fee includes all activities, materials and meals. The meals included in the cost of JumpStart are:

  • Supper on Sunday Sept. 21, starting at 5 pm
  • 3 meals each day from Monday Sept. 22 through Friday Sept. 26
  • Brunch and supper on Sabbath, Sept. 27
  • Brunch on Sunday, Sept. 28.

After brunch on Sunday, students may charge their supper on Sept. 28 to their meal plan. Students on campus that are not participating in JumpStart may use their ID number or ID card to charge the cost of any cafeteria meal to their student account. The cost is $6.75 per meal.


Students that attend the required number of sessions will receive one free academic credit. This is a savings of up to $450 after deducting the cost of JumpStart from the price of one quarter hour of tuition. 

Disability support: If you will need disability support during the week of JumpStart, please call our office (800-558-2132) as soon as possible with your specific needs.


Contact Academic Advising at:

Walla Walla University
306 SW 4th St, Suite 310
College Place, WA 99324
(800) 558-2132
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