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Campus Sound

Campus Sound provides audio/video support services for over 200 WWU-sponsored events on campus each year. To request our services, please use the request form below.

Campus Sound Request Form

All sound requests must be submitted at least SEVEN days prior to the event; otherwise we will be unable to fulfill your request.

What to expect:

  • After filling out and submitting a Campus Sound Request Form, you should receive an email or phone call from Karl Thompson, director of Campus Sound, confirming receipt of the request.
  • The Campus Sound secretary will find a sound tech available to work your event, and then she will email you with the name of the sound tech and his or her contact information.
  • The sound tech should have everything set up and ready to roll one hour before the event begins.  It is important to run through everything (your event music, event power point, band sound check) at least ½ hour before the event begins.  Please be prepared.  (Don’t walk in with last-minute changes.)
  • To follow up and make sure you (the customer) are satisfied with our service, the Campus Sound secretary will send you an email asking you for feedback or suggestions on how we can improve.

If food is provided for the event, please provide food for the sound crew.

If you need your event recorded, please contact Media Services – Chris Drake.

If you have any questions, please text Karl Thompson on his cellphone at 520-9900 or email

General information about Campus Sound

Campus Sound provides training to enable groups/departments to manage their sound independently as much as possible.  For example:

Campus Sound provides equipment and training for worship groups that meet regularly, 
such as the Berean Fellowship, Circle Church, and Fireside.

Campus Sound maintains sound equipment for areas such as the 
   Athletic department (gym – basketball/volleyball, outdoor – baseball/soccer) 
   Music department – FAC auditorium 
   Communication department – Village Hall  

Campus Sound is often requested to set up outside or in a building where a built-in sound system is inadequate. Last school year (2016-2017), Campus Sound did 48 events in Village Hall, 9 events in the Alaska Room, 14 events in the FAC Auditorium, and 9 events on Kretschmar Lawn, among many other events. Our goals include improving the built-in sound systems in buildings where we frequently provide sound services.

Sound for WWU Church Friday night vespers and Tuesday Community services is run by a separate student-led team. Contact Ryan Isaacs at

Last update on November 7, 2017