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Setup Email on Mobile

To setup your Walla Walla University email on an Android or iOS device perform the following steps. Please note that these steps vary slightly depending on your device model.

Step 1

Locate and launch your phone Settings.

Step 2

On Android located and select the Accounts section. On iOS locate and select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Step 3

Check to see if you have any Microsoft Exchange accounts currently setup. If you do, remove them.

Step 4

To remove an account, select it from the list and, under the options for that account, Remove or Delete it.

Step 5

To add a new account, click Add Account.

Step 6

Select the Corporate or Microsoft Exchange option.

Step 7

When prompted, type in your email and password and click Sign In or Next.

Step 8

Accept any security prompts, select your preferred sync items and durations, then finalize the setup.

Last update on July 3, 2019