Unauthorized Devices

To protect the security and performance of the campus network, unauthorized wireless access points are prohibited on the Walla Walla University campus. Unauthorized and improperly secured wireless access points can compromise the security and performance of the campus network. These devices provide easy access for intruders to steal passwords, destroy data, and use University's network and Internet resources for unauthorized purposes. Additionally, when these types of devices are connected to the network, legitimate devices can experience connectivity issues resulting in slow or unavailable services. These devices can have serious repercussions in residential halls, computer labs, and offices.

The University has invested a considerable amount of money to ensure that everyone has a safe, secure, and fast network connection. If an unauthorized device is connected to the campus network, WWU's IT team will shut down network connectivity to the device. The network port will not be reactivated until such time that the device is removed from the network. In order to get the port re-enabled please review WWU's Copyright Infringement Policies.

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