Broken Ethernet Port

Due to the age of some of the buildings on campus it is possible for ports to break and/or cease to function. If you believe that the port you are using is faulty, perform the following checks before you contact the Help Desk.

1. Check to see if anything is broken on or around the area where your Ethernet cable plugs in.

2. When plugged in to the suspected port, check next to the spot where your Ethernet cable plugs into your computer. If the port is functioning correctly you should see green and orange indicator lights.

Please Note: Some devices do not have indicator lights.

3. Plug your Ethernet cable into multiple ports in your room. If you can browse to the internet on one but not the other, a port is probably broken.

4. If a second Ethernet cable is available to you, attempt steps 2 & 3 again using the second cable.

If you are unable to resolve the problem after performing the above, contact the Help Desk at (509) 527-2317.

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