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Creating A Room Reservation

Our email system has been setup to allow individuals the ability to reserve space in various meeting locations across campus. The meeting assistant can be helpful in determining what space is best suited to meet the needs of the group. It provides basic information and availability of the space along with a list of the resources available in the meeting space and even its max capacity.

Step 1

Launch Outlook and navigate to the Calendar section.

Step 2

From the ribbon at the top click New Meeting.

Step 3

Once the Meeting Assistant window appears locate and click on the Rooms button (just to the right of the Location field).

Step 4

In order to search for available rooms you will need to tell your address book to only look for rooms. You do this by selecting the address book drop-down menu and selecting All Rooms.

Step 5

Locate and select the room which you want to meet in. Notice that by scrolling to the right you can see additional details about the locations capacity and resources.

Step 6

Fill in all other appropriate information. Invite attendees, select an available date and time, set appropriate tags and reminders and then click Send.

Depending on the rights and rules associated with the meeting space, your request may have to be approved by a moderator. Once your meeting has been accepted you will receive an email notifying you.

For reservation of other campus locations - those not available through Outlook - click here:

Last update on March 12, 2019