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Dictated Email

With the Unified Messaging (UM) system you have the ability to have your voice mails read to you over the phone. By default the dictation is read from your Inbox, starting with the newest messages and working down the list to older ones.

  1. Call the Unified Messaging system from any touch tone phone.

    • On Campus: x2663
    • Off Campus: (509) 527-2663

  1. Input your PIN number and hit the "#" key
  1. Once in, wait for the general greeting to finish, then say "Email"
  1. The system will then dictate your email from the folder specified.


Change Email Dictation Folder:

  1. Log on to your WWU email via your preferred web browser
  1. Once logged in, on the right-hand side, select Options > See All Options
  1. Choose Phone from the menu on the left
  1. Under the Outlook Voice Access heading select "Inbox"
  1. A new window will appear, in which you can select the dictation folder. Select OK to save changes.
Last update on August 8, 2016