Procedures for Requesting Accommodations: Satellite Campuses

It is the goal of the office of Disability Support Services of Walla Walla University to provide appropriate accommodations to all students with documented disabilities. Information regarding policies and services may be found on-line or through the Disability Support Services office. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the DSS office soon as possible after acceptance into a program. All services are coordinated through the DSS office on the College Place campus. Procedures for requesting accommodations are listed below.

  1. If you have or suspect you have a disability you should first contact Sue Huett, DSS Coordinator. Her office is on the College Place campus.
    • Portland students may use the hotline by dialing: 2366 or make contact by email.
    • Montana students may call the School of Social Work at (800) 854-8678 and asked to be transferred to Cindy Saldana, or you may call her direct line: (509) 527-2366. Email:
  2. If you do not have previous documentation, see the office manager or director on your campus for documentation requirements, call the College Place office for information, or view the disability documentation policies. Most of the forms and requirements are listed online.
  3. Once the documentation is received it will be reviewed by the DSS office personnel and determined if it meets the criteria for appropriate documentation and if it indicates functional limitations which could be helped by accommodations. The cost of providing documentation is borne by the student.
  4. If it is determined that accommodations are appropriate, the student will need to complete Request for Accommodation and Academic Support Form and the Special Needs Information Sheet
  5. Once that is done, an accommodation letter will be sent to the student to present to his/her instructors. The letter will reflect specific recommended accommodations related to the documented needs. This letter may be copied each quarter for new instructors.
  6. Accommodations are generally not put into place until appropriate documentation is received and approved. Documentation is reviewed in the order it is received. It is in the best interest of the student to send documentation as soon as possible since accommodations are not retroactive.
  7. Before the beginning of each quarter, the student should send a copy of his/her schedule for the next quarter. Any requests for specific accommodations which require outside services, such as books in audio format, interpreter services, captioning, etc. should be requested at least six weeks in advance.
  8. Students may qualify for other assistance from outside agencies such as the Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation, Social Security, Div. For the Blind, etc. It can be to the student's benefit to contact these agencies for possible financial or support assistance.
  9. If there are difficulties receiving accommodations, call or contact Cindy Saldana as soon as possible at (509) 527-2366 or