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Student Health and Wellness

The Student Health and Wellness Program was created with a particular purpose in mind. As a team we are here to identify the needs of students by understanding both local and national trends and to steadfastly work to address those needs in a sustainable way as a community with honesty and compassion.

Digital wellness resources

Motivational coaching

Our Student Health and Wellness Team knows that counseling isn’t the right fit for everyone but that sometimes a little extra motivation can go a long way to make things feel more manageable.

Connect with one of our Motivational Coaches for support on setting goals, reducing barriers to success and improving your overall functioning by being intentional about your life. Learn more about motivational coaching.



TalkCampus is an app that provides a 24/7 peer-support community. You have access to this resource with your WWU email. This is a great option if you have some things on your mind that you need to express and want to feel the support of college students who get it! Learn more about TalkCampus.

Weekly events and programs

The Finding Center class is exactly that, focusing on your breath and adding gentle stretches and movement to calm and restore the nervous system. This class is primarily for rest, relaxation and restoration. The goal of this class is to create a safe and welcoming space for all students to explore their own personal wellness journey and to aid in reconnecting the mind and body to help combat stress and the general hustle of daily life.

Led by: Jacqueline Lonning 

The class is meeting at 5:30-6:30 pm on Monday nights at Conard Chapel.  Mats and blocks provided.  Class will continue through June 2, 2021.


Led by Matt Vaughan. 

Want to learn more or join? Email Matt for info about when and how this group meets:

Location and time unannounced

Pornography Addiction Support Groups
To sign up to join one of the two groups (men's or women's) or for more information, email 
All information received is kept strictly confidential.