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If you or someone you know is suicidal and needs help immediately, do not call the Counseling and Testing Center, call 911 or the Walla Walla Crisis Response Unit at (509) 524-2999, or go to the Providence St. Mary Medical Center emergency room. Find emergency resources.

Counseling and Testing Center

Walla Walla University is committed to the mental health and wellness of our students. The Counseling Center offers a holistic approach to problem solving in an environment of respect and acceptance. The Testing Center administers national standardized tests, placement tests, challenge exams, required department exit tests and provides proctoring services for a variety of other exams to meet the needs of our students.

Small groups are offered by the Counseling and Testing Center in collaboration with the Chaplain’s office and the Student Life office. These include self-care groups, grief groups, and restorative practice. Join a small group.


The Counseling Center’s staff are committed to supporting our students wherever they are and for whatever situations they are going through. We acknowledge the daily changes in regard to COVID-19 and similarly are evaluating daily how best to serve the needs of our students. Beginning March 30 we are glad to offer Telehealth and online support.

Current Clients
If you already are or have been a client in the counseling center and have connected with a therapist there, please reach out to him or her via their campus email to set up an appointment to talk online.

If you would like to talk with an on-campus mental health professional please schedule a call. You will be led through a few steps to schedule a time during our summer hours: Tuesdays 1-3 p.m.

Peer-support community
If you wish to participate in a peer-support community that is available to you 24/7, we are delighted to offer WWU’s exciting collaboration with “TalkCampus,” an app you can download for free and use with your WWU email.

If you have any questions about any of these opportunities, please email or Phone calls to the Counseling Center will not be returned at this time.

Remember, you are not alone and there is support available whenever you need it.

Counseling services

Our therapists can help you work through a variety of life's challenges, including anxiety, depression, relationship distress, childhood abuse, substance abuse, grief, and career uncertainty.

Our counseling services include individual, couple, and group counseling. These services are available to Walla Walla University students during the academic school year. During the summer months, we can refer you to other local counseling options local to the Walla Walla community.

Apply for counseling online using your WWU username and password. We begin processing applications for counseling at the start of fall quarter.
Complete the online application here >

    If one or more of the following statements describe you, you may benefit from counseling: 

    • I am anxious, worried, or nervous much of the time. 
    • My sleeping or eating patterns are disturbed or have changed. 
    • My moods change rapidly. I often feel like crying. 
    • My relationships with other people often feel difficult. 
    • I feel confused and have difficulty making decisions. 
    • I can't decide on a major or career. 
    • I feel that I am not functioning effectively in an important area of my life. 
    • I am going through a significant change in my life. 
    • I am experiencing difficulties due to the use of substances or behaviors that I am not able to manage. 
    • I am curious to know more about myself and my relationships.

    The three most common reasons people seek counseling: 

    1. They are experiencing a crisis due to the loss of a relationship, the experience of overwhelm at the death of a loved one, stress overload, or family problems. 
    2. Chronic stress such as experienced by anxiety, depression, harmful relationships, eating disorders, drug abuse, or self-harming behaviors. 
    3. Desire for growth through increased self-confidence, enriched personal relationships, or enhanced self-understanding.

    Testing services

    Testing services are closed until the resumption of face-to-face classes.

    Need to take a placement test? Are you a senior ready to take a departmental exit exam? We're here to facilitate those tests for you—and so many more!

    The Walla Walla University Testing Center:

    • is the only Pearson VUE Authorized Select testing site in the area. 
    • is an official CLEP testing facility. 
    • is an official “Sabbath-observer site” for several National Standardized tests. that are usually offered exclusively on Saturday. Tests like the LSAT, MPRE, and the GRE Subject test are typically exclusively offered on Saturday's but at our site, we provide an alternate option.
    • offers proctoring for those enrolled in courses at other institutions. (There is a fee for this service.) We are able to accommodate paper/pencil or computer testing. 
    • facilitates proctoring for students who need to complete a test outside of regular class time. (This service is provided at a professor's request). 

    Wellness resources

    There are many resources available to you on the Walla Walla University campus to contribute to your overall wellness.


    Campus clubs at WWU provide students, faculty, and staff to connect based on their interests. The Buddy Club forms friendships between Walla Walla University students and adults in the community with mental disabilities. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and help others. The Atlas provides a comfortable atmosphere to unwind, study in groups, or socialize with friends.There are also clubs like the Fitness Factory Club, the WWU Cycling Club and the WWU Running Club committed to promoting a sound mind and sound body. 

    Find a full list of clubs (and learn how to join)


    • ASWWU Social | Attend any of the many year-round events planned by this department, like Barn Party, Banquet, Midnight Breakfast, Speed dating, and Spring Jam.

    • ASWWU Outdoors | ASWWU Outdoors provides students with a variety of outdoor recreational trips, educational courses, and rental gear for outdoor adventures.

    • ASWWU Spiritual | The ASWWU spiritual team coordinates ASWWU Week of Worship as well as many other weekend spiritual events throughout the year. Grow in your relationship with God as you participate in the opportunities this group provides. 

    • ASWWU Global Service | Pay it forward by working with the Global Service team to raise funds for their yearly service project. 

    Learn more about ASWWU and ways to get involved at 

    Fitness Center

    The Fitness Center provides many opportunities for you to invest in your physical fitness. All students have access to the Fitness Center and it’s collection of weight and cardio equipment. There are also fitness classes provided that are free to all students. 

    Find the Fitness Center schedule here 


    WWU offers a robust intramural program in a variety of sports from basketball to table tennis. There’s something new every quarter to keep you active and involved. 

    Sign up for intramurals

    In the event of an urgent situation during evenings or weekends, contact Campus Security at (509) 527-2222 or your residence hall dean on duty. You may also call the Walla Walla County Crisis Response Unit at (509) 524-2999 or go to the Providence St. Mary Medical Center's Emergency Room. Find more emergency resources.

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