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Counseling and Testing Center

The Counseling and Testing Center is committed to the students of Walla Walla University reaching their highest potential. Following in Christ's example, we offer holistic approaches to problem solving in an environment of respect and acceptance.

Counseling services

Counselors can help with a variety of challenges, such as: anxiety, depression, separation from parents, relationship struggles, childhood abuse, substance abuse, stress and time management, loss and grief, and career uncertainty. 

To make an appointment:
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Fact: It actually takes a great deal of emotional strength to confront problem areas, seek help, and take responsibility for your life.

Fact: While the usual rate for counseling per hour is about $125, the Counseling and Testing Center provides this service free of charge to the students of Walla Walla University.

Fact: Your counselor will help you explore solutions or directions. Once you have chosen your goal, your counselor will help you get there.

If you are a faculty or staff member and you would like to refer a student, please direct them to student portal and have them fill out an application.  The counseling staff will contact the student to set up an appointment.  

Testing services

Testing Services administers standardized and personality tests. Most standardizes tests are available, are proctored on dates specified by the testing companies, and require advance registration.

For more information on tests available and test requirements, select one of the following options:

For more information:
Counseling and Testing Center
(509) 527-2147

Wellness resources

There are many resources available to you on the Walla Walla University campus to contribute to your overall wellness.


Campus clubs at WWU provide students, faculty, and staff to connect based on their interests. There are many clubs that can contribute to your wellness, for example: The Buddy Club forms friendships between Walla Walla University students and adults in the community with mental disabilities. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and help others. The Atlas provides a comfortable atmosphere to unwind, study in groups, or socialize with friends—joining the Atlas club can save you money when purchasing beverages there. There are also clubs like the Fitness Factory Club, the WWU Cycling Club and the WWU Running Club committed to promoting a sound mind and sound body.

Find a full list of clubs (and learn how to join)>


Participating in ASWWU events can contribute to all areas of your overall wellness. 

  • ASWWU Social | Attend any of the many year-round events planned by this department, like Barn Party, Banquet, Midnight Breakfast, Speed dating, and Spring Jam.

  • ASWWU Outdoors | ASWWU Outdoors provides students with a variety of outdoor recreational trips, educational courses, and rental gear for outdoor adventures.

  • ASWWU Spiritual | The ASWWU spiritual team coordinates ASWWU Week of Worship as well as many other weekend spiritual events throughout the year. Grow in your relationship with God as you participate in the opportunities this group provides. 

  • ASWWU Global Service | Pay it forward by working with the Global Service team to raise funds for their yearly service project. 

Learn more about ASWWU and ways to get involved at >

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center provides many opportunities for you to invest in your physical fitness. All students have access to the Fitness Center and it’s collection of weight and cardio equipment. There are also fitness classes provided that are free to all students such as, Ball Class—a stability aerobic workout, and Water Aerobics. Find the Fitness Center schedule here >


WWU offers a robust intramural program in a variety of sports from basketball to table tennis. There’s something new every quarter to keep you active and involved. Sign up for intramurals here >

Evenings and weekends

In the event of an urgent situation during evenings or weekends, contact Campus Security at (509) 527-2222 or your residence hall dean on duty. You may also call the Walla Walla County Crisis Response Unit at (509) 524-2999 or go to the Providence St. Mary Medical Center's Emergency Room.


Counseling is confidential in accordance with state laws and ethical guidelines. All communication between a counselor and a client is considered confidential, except in the case of suspected child abuse or neglect, potential harm to oneself or to others, a court subpoena, or if your insurance company requests access to your records. Students may sign a release of information to release their records (with a 15-day notice), which can be done at the Counseling and Testing Center.

Counseling records are maintained in files separate from the student academic record and medical files and cannot be accessed by faculty, staff, administrators, parents or other students without the student's written permission. Students are encouraged to address any questions or concerns about confidentiality with a counselor during their first appointment. Find more information on the experience, background, and education of our counselors >

Last update on May 29, 2019