Workstation Adjustments


  • Top of monitor screen should be at eye level and 20-30" away.
  • Arms should hang comfortably from shoulders, close to body with forearms in a 90-degree alignment (neutral posture).
  • Wrists should be flat. Place keyboard here.
  • Adjust chair so that hips and legs achieve a 90-degree angle with feet flat on floor. Sit all the way back and straight.
  • Use a copyholder for documents.
  • Take small breaks every hour.


Invariably, individuals twist or strain to reach the keyboard or sit in odd contortions, which result in neck, back, or wrist pain. Some simple workstation modifications, posture awareness, and chair consciousness can prevent problems.

  1. Lower the height of the chair so that your back touches the back of the chair and you are comfortable.
  2. Your feet should rest firmly on the floor slightly in front of you.
  3. Center your keyboard in front of your monitor. Your eyes should be at the same level as the tool bar.
  4. Keep the keyboard and mouse close to the edge of the desk.
  5. Keyboard and mouse should be positioned so your arms fall naturally at your sides, with wrists straight out in front while typing/mousing.
  6. Support your wrist and forearms with a gel pad or wrist support,
  7. Avoid repetitive gripping of the mouse,
  8. Keep frequently used items close - avoid reaching for anything,
  9. Perform wrist, finger, and hand exercises.


If you feel as though there is a problem with your work environment, take a moment to fill out a Workstation Checklist for your own benefit.

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