Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. Ensure appropriate work methods. When considering an employee's regular job assignment, both pace of work and job flow should be reviewed to avoid excessively-repetitive work for any one employee and his/her specific position.
  2. Encourage employees to promptly report signs and symptoms of ergonomic-related discomfort to Keri Self, in Human Resources, and follow up for compliance.
  3. Accommodate employee work restrictions established by their health care provider.
  4. Oversee implementation of work site corrections and improvements recommended by Keri Self​​​​​​​ or a trained designate. Upon completion of your employee's assessment by Keri Self​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, you will receive a copy of the recommendations for change.
  5. Non-compliance is subject to disciplinary action. Walla Walla University is responsible for the safety of its employees. Because of this, employees are required to comply with recommendations for changes to worksites. In the event of non-compliance, Human Resources will communicate with supervisor or department head.

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