Walla Walla University Waiver Policy

WEC Waiver

Once each academic quarter, students must sign a WEC Waiver. This waiver will include activities in and around the Winter Education Complex.

To sign the WEC Waiver:

Non-minors, simply sign into myWWU and you'll be able to initial and sign the WEC Waiver electronically.

Minors, follow this link, sign into myWWU, download and print the WEC Waiver for your parent/guardian to complete, sign, and return to Risk & Safety Management

If you need any help, please contact Sophie Webster at Risk & Safety Management.

Other WWU Physical Activity Waivers

Participants will be asked to complete a waiver prior to beginning any of the activities listed below, as they still require signed waivers with the sponsoring department retaining a copy for a minimum of six years. If the proposed activity is not listed below, no waiver is required.

The activity sponsor should print the waiver as a two-sided document, fill in the date and location of the activity at the top of the second page, and then make two-sided copies for participants to complete.

Please instruct every participant to:

  • Write their name in the space provided at the top left of page one
  • Read and understand all sections of both sides and initial/sign where required
  • Complete the signature section at the bottom of page two (minors need a guardian's signature)

Event Details

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