Accident/Near Miss Reporting

All injuries or incidents, no matter how slight, need to be reported immediately. (Paper or PDF versions are available upon request)

WWU Accident/Near Miss Report

Emergency Procedure

  1. Call 911, if needed
  2. Call Campus Security, 509-527-2222

Non-emergency Procedure

  1. Notify the Risk & Safety Officer by completing a WWU Accident/Near Miss Report form.
  2. Contact the Risk & Safety Officer before seeking medical treatment for work-related injuries

Work Related Accident Reporting

Use the link above to get more information related to work related accident reporting.

Concussion Protocol

Any student that exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with concussion (headache, nausea, vomiting, cognitive impairment, lose of consciousness, etc.):

  1. Must be removed from learning activity, physical activity, or competition for evaluation.
  2. Must be evaluated by a health care professional with concussion experience.
  3. May only return to activity based on the recommendation of a health care professional if they determine that a concussion is no longer suspecte


Accident Claim Forms

Student Accident Claim Form 

Athletic Accident Insurance Claim Form

  • Complete this form with the Athletic Trainer within 72 hours. Covered athletics are listed below:
    • Basketball (Men's & Women's)
    • Golf (Men's & Women's)
    • Cross Country (Men's & Women's)  
    • Soccer (Men's)
    • Volleyball (Women's)

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