Accident/Incident Reporting

All injuries or incidents, no matter how slight, need to be reported immediately. 

Emergency Procedure

  1. Call 911 if needed
  2. Call Campus Security 509-527-2222

Non-emergency Procedure

  1. Complete all parts of the appropriate form below and submit as directed.
  2. Contact Human Resources before seeking medical treatment for work-related injuries.

Reporting and Claim Forms

Non-Work-Related Accident/Incident Report

  • Complete this form for any non-work related incident on an WWU campus or at any WWU-sponsored event.  
  • Submit the completed form to Risk & Safety Management within 10 days.

Work-Related Accident/Incident Report

  • Submit forms to Human Resources within 24 hours

A-G Excess Student Accident Claim Form 

Intercollegiate Athletic Accident Insurance Claim Form

  • Complete this form with the Athletic Trainer within 72 hours. Covered athletics are listed below:
    • Basketball (Men's & Women's)
    • Golf (Men's & Women's)
    • Cross Country (Men's & Women's)  
    • Soccer (Men's)
    • Volleyball (Women's)

Event Details

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