Risk & Safety Management FAQ

  • I noticed something unsafe on campus. How do I report it?
    Please take a moment to submit an Unsafe Conditions report and it will be investigated as soon as possible.

  • How do I report an accident that happened at a campus event, or an incident I witnessed that could result in an injury.
    Instructions and the appropriate forms are located on the Accident/Incident Reporting page.

  • I had an accident while driving a vehicle on behalf of the University.  What do I do?
    Call 911, and make sure the injured receive proper aid.  Then, contact Risk & Safety Management immediately.

  • What do I do if a campus emergency occurs?
    Please see Campus Security’s Emergency Preparedness page for information about emergency procedures.

  • Are there any Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) on campus?
    Yes, University AED locations and policies can be found on the AED Operating Plan page.

  • I need a waiver for an event.  Where can I find it?
    Waiver forms for many University-sponsored activities can be found on the Waivers page. 

  • How do I become a WWU Approved Driver?
    To apply, please see the information on the Driver & Transportation Policies/Forms page.

  • I used to be on the WWU Approved Driver list.  Why don't I see my name?
    All University Approved Drivers must reapply each Fall and there are qualifications that must be met in order to be approved.  Please review the Driver & Transportation Policies/Forms page.  If you have any questions, contact Risk & Safety Management.

  • How do I organize transportation for a University-sponsored activity?
    Choose one of the two procedures in the Transportation Options section of the Driver & Transportation Policies/Forms page.  If you choose the second option, please follow the instructions carefully.  Risk & Safety Management is available to assist you.

  • My club or department wishes to make a contract on behalf of the University with a third party.  What is the first step?
    Contracts that are written on behalf of the University must follow the University’s Contract/Agreement/Lease Policy.  Please contact Risk & Safety Management for assistance.

  • What are the procedures for international travel?
    Checklists and instructions for international travel to Canada and elsewhere can be found on the International Travel page.  The policies apply to all University-sponsored international travel, as well as to travel by University employees (and family members) who are covered under the employee health plan.

  • What is the University’s policy regarding discrimination and harassment?
    If you feel that you have been or are being discriminated against or harassed, whether you are a student or employee, please consult the Human Resources Preventing Discrimination and Harassment page for assistance.

  • I want to use my own or someone else’s boat for a University-sponsored activity.  What is the first step?
    See the Boating Policies page for details on University boating policies.

  • Can I bring my pet on campus?
    No, pets are not allowed on campus unless prior provision has been made.  See Campus Security’s Animal Policy page.

  • Are there activities not covered by the University’s general liability insurance?
    Yes, excluded activities and safety guidelines can be found on the Insurance Exclusions page.

  • I am a University volunteer.  Is there special insurance for me?
    Please see the Volunteer Labor Insurance page.  Contact Human Resources for questions about volunteering on campus.

Other Questions

If you need further assistance, please contact Risk & Safety Management.

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