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 General Travel Tips

  • Be aware of any safety concerns in the country to which you are traveling by reviewing the Country Specific Information report
  • Know how to contact the United States Consulate.
  • Have an emergency plan in place for responding to natural disasters, political unrest, and other types of emergencies.
  • Have a plan for accessing emergency cash.
  • Plan ahead for using a cell phone or calling card while traveling. Not all cell phone plans or calling cards work internationally. Call your phone carrier ahead for special instructions.
  • A medical treatment authorization should be completed in advance and accessible while traveling.
  • Have a plan for first aid procedures. If there is an accident, document in detail all information.
  • Be careful of travel providers. Deal with reputable companies/providers only.
  • Be sure you have adequate insurance coverage for personal and University property.
  • Be aware of local customs, culinary and cultural differences, religious observations, gestures, mannerisms, dress and other circumstances that may be different than in the United States.
  • Comply with all required pre-trip documentations (such as passports, visas, waivers and insurance coverage). 
Last update on December 5, 2017