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Exclusions from WWU International Travel Medical Insurance Coverage

(Activities and Conditions)

It is important to consider in advance the type of activities that you will be involved with during your international travel. No medical benefits shall be payable by the University short term travel insurance with respect to expenses incurred as a result of certain high-risk physical hazards and conditions including, but not limited to, the following list of specific exclusions. If you have a question, contact Adventist Risk Management at 1-(888) 951-4276.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Intentional self-inflicted injuries
  • Elective or experimental treatment, exams or surgery
  • Routine physicals and care, or routine dental care and treatment
  • Services, supplies, or treatment which is not recommended, approved, and certified as medically necessary and reasonable by a doctor
  • Expenses which are non-medical in nature
  • Loss caused by intoxication according to the laws where the loss occurred
  • Piloting or serving as a crew member in any aircraft
  • Declared or undeclared war, or any act of war
  • Specific Countries listed by insurer as war risk or under US economic embargo prior to departure
Last update on October 3, 2017