Driver & Transportation Policies/Forms

The intent of the Walla Walla University driver policy is to provide safe transportation.

Approved Driver Policy

All drivers of Walla Walla University-owned or business-rented vehicles, or those driving their personal vehicles with passengers for WWU-coordinated transportation must be on the Approved Driver List (SIGN IN required). See Transportation Options for WWU Activities below.

Apply to be a WWU Approved Driver

Send the following documents to Risk & Safety Management. All drivers must reapply at the beginning of fall quarter.

Motor Vehicle Records & Driving History

Motor vehicle records and driving history will be reviewed for all drivers. In order to qualify, you may not have more than three moving violations and no at-fault accidents during the previous three years. If you are approved, your name will be posted to the Approved Driver List within 4-5 days of your application. If you are not approved or we have a question, you will be contacted.

  • Please report any driving record changes throughout the year to Risk and Safety Management.

  • The driver will be responsible for any citations for which he/she is at-fault.

  • The minimum age for drivers of all vehicles is 19

Drivers of Vehicles with 7+ Occupants

Those who apply for this designation must also:

  • Be 21 years of age

  • Complete the driver safety online course every four years. You'll be given the instructions after your driver questionnaire has been reviewed.

Note: 15-passenger vans may not be used for any University activities.  Watch this video about the risks of 15-passenger vans and alternative options.

Transportation Options for WWU Activities

Option 1. 

All participants drive independently with no arrangements made by the Sponsor.

Option 2.

All transportation is provided by University-owned or business-rented vehicles, or privately-owned vehicles specifically arranged by the Sponsor.  The Sponsor shall:

  • Accompany students when possible

  • Complete the Vehicle Transportation Request form from Facility Services for University-owned vehicles

  • Complete the rental agency agreement for non-University-owned vehicles

  • Verify the following for any any driver of privately-owned vehicles:

    • Is on the Approved Drivers List and has the 7+ designation if applicable

    • Provides proof of current insurance on their vehicle, and understands that their personal auto insurance would cover any accidents or injuries that might occur

Alternative Transportation Policy

This policy applies only to travel outside of College Place and Walla Walla city limits. 

If any students choose to use transportation other than the WWU arranged transportation, the Sponsor will:

  • Provide a list of students who choose the WWU arranged transportation and file it with the appropriate department or activity request form.

  • Provide a Hold Harmless Agreement form to be signed by those who choose NOT to travel in the WWU arranged transportation and file with the list of students using the arranged transportation.

  • Verify that the driver of the other private transportation is on the Approved Driver List and has the 7+ designation if applicable.

Special Use: One-Way Hold Harmless Agreement - File with the appropriate department or activity request form

WWU Service Vehicles

All student employees shall:

  • Only use the vehicle for work related pickups and deliveries, not for personal use.

  • Return the vehicle to the department after use.

  • Only carry passengers approved by the department manager or designee.

Vehicles Requiring a CDL License

Contact Facility Services for CDL Driver arrangements.

WWU Guests

Guests may drive University vehicles if their name is on the Approved Driver List. Paperwork may be sent in advance to Risk and Safety Management for approval. Any guest who is not an approved driver, should rent vehicles from a rental company under their own name and insurance, and be reimbursed by the appropriate University department.

Other Vehicle Use Policies

Personal Vehicle Use
Gator Use

Event Details

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