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General Liability Insurance Exclusions and Safety Guidelines


Please follow these insurance restrictions and safety guidelines when planning any Walla Walla University-sponsored activities (student clubs, departmental, etc.). There are some physical activities for which additional insurance may be available; please contact Risk and Safety Management at least six weeks prior to the proposed event to discuss coverage.

  1. It is recommended that faculty or staff sponsors attend all advertised/formal functions.

  2. When a group decides to hold an activity on any non-Walla Walla University owned private property, the organizers of the group must get prior approval from the owner of the property.

  3. For all open flames on campus, prior approval must be obtained from Campus Security.

  4. All hay rides must be approved by Risk and Safety Management one week prior to the activity. Trailers are not acceptable.

  5. Follow the Walla Walla University Boating Policy.

  6. No activity will involve motorized racing or car rallies.

  7. No activity shall involve motorized two-wheeled or three-wheeled off-road vehicles.

  8. No activity shall involve firearms, tasers, alcohol or illegal substances.

  9. No activity shall consist of throwing or dropping anything from an aircraft or hot air balloon, unless approved by the Flight Director of the Walla Walla University Aviation Program.

  10. No bungee jumping, sky diving, parasailing or hang gliding.

  11. Rock climbing, wall climbing, rappelling, or any roped activity over 6 feet needs additional insurance coverage from Risk and Safety Management and supervision of the sponsor.

  12. No activities involving gymnastics/rebounding equipment unless approved by Risk and Safety Management and sponsor supervisor

  13. No fireworks

Last update on June 5, 2019