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Employee Responsibilities

  1. Immediately inform Risk & Safety Management (ext 2250) of any ergonomic-related discomfort. Early reporting is important to prevent injuries from occurring or becoming worse.
  2. Perform self-evaluations of your workstation and report deficiencies to Risk & Safety Management (ext 2250). An ergonomic workstation checklist and simple workstation modifications are provided to help assess your needs. Risk & Safety Management will schedule an assessment of your work area, to be followed up by a written report listing problem areas and recommendations for improvement. A copy of the report will also be sent to your supervisor.  Risk & Safety Management will assist with modifications as needed.
  3. Be responsible for correct use of the equipment provided by your employer.
  4. Participate in required ergonomic safety training provided by Risk & Safety Management.
  5. Perform simple stretches or exercises throughout the day, according to ability, to reduce stress.
  6. Comply with ergonomic policy and follow recommended work practices to prevent repetitive strain injuries and discomfort. Non-compliance is subject to disciplinary action. Walla Walla University is responsible for the safety of its employees. Because of this, employees are required to comply with recommendations for changes to work sites.
Last update on March 14, 2018