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Accident/Incident Reporting

Emergency Procedure :  Seeking Medical Treatment
1. Call 911 if needed
2. Call Campus Security 509-527-2222

All injuries or incidents, no matter how slight, need to be reported immediately.  Complete all parts of the appropriate form below and submit as directed.

Reporting and Claim Forms

  • Work-Related Accident/Incident Reporting for Employees (faculty/staff/student employees).  Non-emergency :  Contact Human Resources before seeking medical treatment.

    1. The employee and their supervisor must complete the Work-Related Accident/Incident & Investigation Report (2 pages) and submit them to Human Resources (page 1 within 24 hours).
    2. The department head or supervisor should inspect the site of the accident, complete page 2, and submit it to Human Resources within 72 hours.  Note: It seems to work best to complete page 2 within 24 hours when the employee brings page 1 for the supervisor to sign.
    3. It is important that all parts of the forms be completed for insurance and regulatory reporting accuracy.  Human Resources will send a copy of both pages to Risk & Safety Management.
    4.Link to Forms.
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Accident Insurance Claim Form (non-employees) for the following sports.  Complete with Athletic Trainer/Coach within 72 hours.
         Basketball (Men's & Women's)         Golf (Men's & Women's)
         Cross Country (Men's & Women's)   Soccer (Men's)
         Volleyball (Women's)
Last update on August 7, 2018