Celebration of Service

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. 

Colossians 3:23-24

Thank you from your
Human Resources team!

A message from
President McVay

Our gift to you!

As we all adjust to the Teams/Zoom life—surround yourself in your favorite campus space! Download an image of a campus space to use as a background for your next video call. 

Celebrating your years of dedicated service

46 years

Nancy Caldera, Student Financial Services

45 years

Cassie Ragenovich, Student Financial Services

42 years

Carolyn Gaskell, Library
Douglas Taylor, Student Financial Services

41 years

Terrie Aamodt, History and Philosophy

39 years

Curtis Kuhlman, Health and Physical Education

38 years

Jeanne Vories, Student Missions

37 years

Larry Aamodt, Engineering
Shirlee Kehney, Risk and Safety Management

36 years

Mark Copsey, Library

34 years

Dan Lamberton, English
Karen Tetz, Nursing (Portland)
Kraig Scott, Music

33 years

George Bennett, Facility Services

32 years

Carol Healy, Nursing (Portland)
Curtis Nelson, Engineering
Franice Stirling, Education and Psychology
Ralph Stirling, Engineering
Rob Frohne, Engineering

31 years

Nancy Semotiuk, Communication and Languages
Ron Jolliffe, English
Scott Ligman, Academic Administration

30 years

Jim Nestler, Biology
Pedrito Maynard-Reid, Theology/Diversity
Renee Mackin, Engineering
Susan Bungard, Theology

29 years

Austin Archer, Education and Psychology
Carolyn Denney, Academic Records
Cindee Bailey, Social Work and Sociology
Sali Miller, KGTS

28 years

Darold Bigger, Social Work and Sociology
Joan Redd, Biology
Kevin Grussling, Social Work and Sociology (Missoula)
Shawna Larsen, Facility Services
Timothy Tiffin, Mathematics

27 years

Lynn Wagner, Nursing (Portland)

26 years

Andrew Dressler, Business
Bruce Toews, Business
Heather Vonderfecht, Social Work and Sociology
Hyong Lee, Facility Services

25 years

Bryce Cole, Engineering
Greg Cornell, Information Technology
Merle Rittenbach, Facility Services
Sue Huett, Student Development Center
Tammy McMann, Alumni and Advancement

24 years

David Habenicht, Facility Services (Rosario)
Lucy Krull, Nursing (Portland)
Pam Cress, Graduate Studies
Paul Harvey, Information Technology
Randi Hankins, Social Work and Sociology (Missoula)

23 years

Carol Lindsey, Library
David Lindsey, Biology
Susan Smith, Social Work and Sociology

22 years

Dave Reeves, Information Technology
Doreena Drury, Social Work and Sociology
Linda Felipez, Technology

21 years

Gary Jarnes, Facility Services
Robert Gardner, Social Work and Sociology
Shirley Anderson, Health and Physical Education

20 years

Brandon Beck, Music
Duane Anderson, Information Technology
Esther Coyle, Accounting
Greg Dodds, History and Philosophy
Jean-Paul Grimaud, Communication and Languages
Laura Boyd, Human Resources
Louie Yaw, Engineering
Michaelynn Paul, Nursing (Portland)
Paul Dybdahl, Theology
Terry Nelson, Facility Services

19 years

Chris Drake, Marketing and Enrollment
David Cowles, Biology
Dave Thomas, Theology
Renee Unterseher, Marketing and Enrollment
Rodd Strobel, Health and Physical Education
Roy Campbell, Physics
Scott McFadden, Information Technology
Walter Cox, KGTS

18 years

Brooke Davey, Library
Debbie Smart, Education and Psychology
Dorita Tessier, Alumni and Advancement
Jim Boyd, Social Work and Sociology
Jonathan Duncan, Mathematics/Computer Science

17 years

Jerry Hartman, Communication and Languages
Kyle Craig, Chemistry
Rob Holm, Technology

16 years

Alma Alfaro, Communication and Languages
Christy Scott, Library
Delvin Peterson, Engineering
Kellie Bond, English
Nancy Davis, Academic Records
Sheila Dockter, Social Work and Sociology (Billings)
Tom Ekkens, Physics

15 years

Ann Szalda-Petree, Social Work and Sociology (Missoula)
Carl Cosaert, Theology
Beverly Roper-Archer, Office of Diversity
Ken Vyhmeister, Financial Administration
Mihail Motzev, Business
Qin Ma, Engineering

14 years

Deirdre Benwell, President's Office
Eric Winslow, Information Technology
John McVay, President
Jose Acosta, Student Financial Services
Kim Strobel, Marketing and Enrollment
Linda Ivy, Education and Psychology
Marianne Goltz, Social Work and Sociology
Melissa Rae, Marketing and Enrollment
Steven Davis, Marketing and Enrollment

13 years

Alex Hallock, Information Technology
Brent Bergherm, Technology
Cheris Current, Social Work and Sociology
Claudia Santellano, Alumni and Advancement
Eric James, Accounting
Linda Cowles, Facility Services
Steve Rose, Financial Administration

12 years

Andra Winslow, Library
Anne Trunkey, Custodial Services
Brian Roth, Engineering
Emily Tillotson, Social Work and Sociology
Ernest Beck, KGTS
Jodi Wagner, University Relations/Advancement
Maria Vergara De Velasco, Custodial Services
Patty Nelson, Facility Services
Tia Evans, Custodial Services
Trevor Congleton, Marketing and Enrollment

11 years

Debbie Smith-Lampson, Nursing (Portland)
Melodie Selby, Engineering
Michael Bell, Information Technology
Pam Bing Perry, Social Work and Sociology (Billings)

10 years

Angela Schwab, Social Work and Sociology (Missoula)
Chris Gilbreth, KGTS
Debbie Muthersbaugh, Education and Psychology
Milo Stolz, Facility Services

9 years

Amanda Fleck, Student Financial Services
Gerry Larson, Marketing and Enrollment
Janice McKenzie, Engineering
Karl Thompson, Technical Support Services
Kristen Taylor, Residential Life and Housing
Mark Priddy, Information Technology
Michelle MacLachlan, Nursing (Portland)
Wafia Kinne, Education and Psychology
Zach Parker, Information Technology

8 years

David Jeffery, Student Financial Services
Erika Sanderson, Human Resources
Heather Huether, Theology
Kari Firestone, Nursing

7 years

Annette Riebe, Residential Life and Housing (Portland)
Brant Berglin, Theology
David Lindstrom, Student Development Center
Emilie Butler, Nursing (Portland)
Hugh Daley, The Express
Joel Libby, Art
John Foster, Mathematics
John Wright, Motor Pool
Karen Clausen-Brown, English
Kirt Onthank, Biology
Susan Gardner, English
Zachary Miller, Campus Security

6 years

Andrew Perrin, Marketing and Enrollment
Brandon Aberle, Information Technology
Brithny Sanderson, Human Resources
Courtney Bryant, Campus Security
Dorene Hackett, Residential Life and Housing
Heidi Lindstrom, Student Financial Services
Johanna Attoh, Business
Jonathan Nickell, Residential Life and Housing
Laurelle C. Warner, Social Work and Sociology (Missoula)
Lorri Bays, Student Life
Mindy Coleman, Marketing and Enrollment
Randy Wentland, Grounds
Ross Magi, Mathematics
Tony Beard, Facility Services
Troy Patzer, Alumni and Advancement

5 years

Benjamin Jackson, Mathematics
Cari Butler, Student Financial Services
Conna Bond, Business
Douglas McClay, Library (Portland)
Emily Appel, Education & Psychology
Heather Rodriguez, Social Work & Sociology
Joseph Brannaka, Chemistry
Kayleith Pellandini, Social Work and Sociology (Billings)
Kristin Fry, Academic Administration
Lana Van Dorn, Business
Lynelle Ellis, Communications & Languages
Matthew Pierce, Art
Matthew Toelke, Aviation
Michael Jeffery, Accounting
Michael Jimenez, Health & Physical Education
Nathan Isaac, Information Technology
Susan Priddy, Resident Life & Housing
Timothy Golden, History & Philosophy

Honored Retirees

Shirley Anderson

21 years

Nancy Cleveland

37 years

Karen Emerson

16 years

Glenn Maxted

43 years

Sheila Meharry

26 years

Deborah Silva

20 years

Debbie Smart

18 years

Congratulations to our raffle winners!

Bocce Ball Set Winner: Cheri Wolcott

Redbox Rental Winners:

Stephanie Marsh

Andrew Perrin

Craig Connell

Eric James

Ross Magi

Delvin Peterson

Dale Milam

Liana St. Clair


Lyn Ritz

Teri Bozeman

David Iwasa

Mindy Coleman

Kendrick Mensink

Melissa Rae

Tonia Jeffery

Emily Appel

Claudia Santellano

Deidre Benwell

Steven Lee

George Perez

Jack Wollens

Renee Corbett

Karen Murcia

Alix Harris

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