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Steps to Graduation

Academic Programs and Graduation Requirements

For information on academic programs and graduation requirements, check out the Walla Walla University Undergrad Bulletin.

Commencement exercises are held once a year in June. Students who have completed their requirements summer, autumn, or winter quarter may participate in the following June commencement exercises. Those anticipating the completion of an approved degree program during the upcoming summer quarter may apply to the Academic Records Office requesting to participate in the current June graduation exercises.

By Thursday prior to the June graduation date, prospective summer degree candidates must have satisfied the following:

  1. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 for all university work.
  2. An approved degree application (Senior Outline) on file in the Academic Records Office showing a completion date for summer.
  3. No more than twelve (12) credits to complete after spring quarter, including summer courses and outstanding "I"s and "IP"s.
  4. Remaining credits must meet residency requirements.

Any exceptions to the above requirements must be approved by Academic Standards Committee.

Last update on November 14, 2017