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What if I am graduating in absentia?
If you are graduating in absentia you must fill out a Graduation in Absentia request form which can be found here. The form then needs to be returned to the President's Office no later than the Thursday before Commencement.

How do I make sure my name is pronounced correctly?
By attending the Commencement Rehearsal. It is also important to attend the rehearsal because this is the time that any last minute information will be given.

When do I receive my diploma?
Your diploma will be sent to your latest forwarding address on file in the Records Office approximately 4 weeks after graduation.

What can I have with me at Commencement?
It is in your best interest to leave personal belongings with family. We ask that you do not bring anything up to the stage while waiting for your name to be called. Bottled water is provided for you (under your chair). 

What side does my tassel go on?
Undergraduates and Graduates place your tassel on the left side of your Mortarboard, this way the tassel is not in your face for the audience or for pictures.

Last update on March 23, 2018