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WWU uses financial services company CASHNet for all tuition payment processing. There continues to be no fee for eCheck/ACH payments. A 2.75% convenience fee will be added to all credit and debit card tuition payments. View the CASHNet Payment FAQ for more information. 

Are you making this payment as a:

Student: (requires myWWU login) As a student, you can sign in using your myWWU account information and use all the features of the CASHNet payment system including seeing your account balance, reviewing charges, making payments, and granting authorized users.

ParentIf you are a parent or any other person who has been granted authorized access by your student, you can do everything on the CASHNet system that your student can do (except grant or revoke user authorizations). If you want to have this access ask your student to do that for you. Your student must give you this access, WWU cannot do it for you.

Other: (requires student ID number) If you are a grandparent or any other person who just wants to make a payment on a student account, you do not needing authorized access, your just need to know the student’s 7-digit WWU ID number and his or her last name. You will not be able to access any other student information on the CASHNet account. You do not need any pre-authorization. You will only be able to make a payment.

Use these forms if you have completed your application and need to pay the fee. If you would like to both fill out an application and pay the fee, go to

Undergraduate application fee: $40
Graduate application fee: $50

If you are looking to make a payment on something other than a student account or application fee, use the search box at the top of the page to locate the appropriate form.

Last update on September 26, 2017