COVID-19 Campus Sanitation and Cleanliness Policy

Walla Walla University (WWU) is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, and staff. Sanitation and disinfection of campus property and amenities is of utmost importance to the health and safety of our community. To ensure that certain precautions are taken and to maintain efforts to preserve health and wellness, the university has drafted the Walla Walla University COVID-19 Campus Sanitation and Cleanliness Policy. This policy outlines the standard of cleanliness expected of and upheld by WWU, in accordance with Washington state governor mandates, Washington State Labor and Industry standards, and advisement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is important to note that in an endeavor to protect our community, it is everyone’s responsibility to participate in appropriate cleanliness practices and to comply with the regulations set forth in this policy. Supplies provided by the WWU custodial department to the campus community for cleaning and sanitizing are to be used liberally and repetitively.

Custodial cleaning responsibilities
Sanitation of public spaces is to be frequent and thorough. High touch surfaces, including but not limited to: light switches, door push plates, door handles, elevator buttons, tables, desks, cabinets and countertops, hard-surface chairs, keyboards, dispensers of hand soap, sanitizers, and towels, water fountains, faucets, shower fixtures, toilet flush handles, toilet seats, bathroom stall doors, handles and handrails, will be sanitized by the WWU custodial department daily. Wall moldings, windowsills, and trash receptacles will be sanitized as needed. Soft-surface chairs will be fumigated weekly; shower curtains will be bleached weekly. Common areas of residence halls will be cleaned on the regular campus schedule. Provisions for sanitizing these surfaces on an individual level must be available at the site of interaction. Depending on the item being used, sanitizing wipes or multifold paper towels and sanitizing spray will be provided. 

High touch surfaces in large open offices and classrooms will be disinfected daily. Keyboards will be sanitized daily. A fogger will be utilized in the 32 largest classrooms on campus nightly. These classrooms include but are not exclusive to lecture halls and collaborative classrooms. Wall moldings, windowsills, and trash receptacles will be sanitized as needed. Supplies for sanitation of high-touch surfaces will be provided in each office and classroom. As a community, it is everyone’s responsibility to utilize the sanitation provisions supplied by WWU at each interaction with high-touch surfaces.

Individual cleaning responsibilities
Dorm rooms are individual living spaces and as such should be acknowledged as the resident’s responsibility to clean and maintain.

Personal offices and personal workspaces will be treated differently than spaces utilized by multiple people or groups. It is assumed that in areas of low public exposure and appropriated occupancy, extensive or remedial sanitation and cleansing will be maintained by those individuals. Light switches, door handles, and door push plates will be sanitized daily. Toilet flush handles, toilet seats, and bathroom stalls, including handles and handrails, will be disinfected daily. Open areas and personal items within these spaces, such as telephones, keyboards, dispensers, water fountains, faucets, trash receptacles, tables, desks, and cabinet countertops will be sanitized once weekly. Chairs, wall moldings, and windowsills will be cleaned as needed or monthly.

This policy is set forth to ensure a safe environment that maintains health and wellness standards. Efforts to protect our community must be initiated and cultivated by all members of that community. Teamwork is imperative in this endeavor. The WWU custodial department is committed to providing resources for disinfection and sanitization for the health of our campus. The Walla Walla University COVID-19 Campus Sanitation and Cleanliness Policy is to be in full effect on or before Sept. 13, 2020. 

Information that was influential in this policy has been gleaned from: CDC website, University of Washington, Andrews University, Southern Adventist University, Eastern Washington University, and Whitman College websites and conversations, Sodexo’s COVID-19 Return to Work Solutions, and Home Depot Pro. The Walla Walla University Campus Sanitation and Cleanliness Policy is in compliance with Washington state mandates and CDC advisement.

Walla Walla University COVID-19 Campus Cleaning Procedures List

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