Campus guests

Welcome to our campus!

Check-in instructions

If you were invited by a host to perform a service by the university, you should have filled out this form in advance of arriving. If you are visiting campus for anything else, you need to check in at the administration building and have filled out this form.

Check-in expectations for guests

Service guests

  • Each service guest must identify an official WWU host (the person who invited them or is overseeing their time on our campus).
  • Prior to their arrival on campus, service guests must submit an online form that collects information about their visit to campus, and asks the guest to upload their COVID-19 vaccination confirmation (card or equivalent official documentation).
  • Following completion of the form, an automatic email will be sent to the service guest confirming receipt of their information and providing instructions for coming to campus.
  • An email will also be sent to the service guest’s host, and copied to Risk and Safety as official documentation of the visit.
  • Once they have received WWU’s confirmation email, service guests may arrive on campus and go directly to their area of service.


  • During office hours, visitors/patrons should generally check in through the Administration Building front desk where their information will be recorded via online form and a quick health check will be completed.
  • If you are hosting larger numbers of visitors/patrons (such as a group of missions or job fair guests), please contact Renee Unterseher ( for directions on how to check in your group. As the official WWU host, you will be asked to ensure that an online form is completed for each of the guests, and that a health check is completed upon their arrival.
  • Visitors/patrons for WWU’s large community events (concerts, tournaments, Athletics contests) do not need to check in. However, WWU expects that COVID-19 requirements will be clearly communicated through prominent signage and announcements at these larger events.

Access to campus buildings

At this time WWU’s buildings will remain locked unless special access arrangements are made for larger events (such as unlocking public spaces for concerts or tournaments). Hosts should meet their guests at exterior doors to provide access to their designated building. The front doors of the Administration Building are unlocked for guest access during business hours.