COVID-19 and Campus Life

We are looking forward to spring quarter and taking advantage of longer, warmer days to dine, study, and enjoy each other's company outdoors! COVID-19 response efforts at Walla Walla University are carefully moving toward normalization. While we continue to focus on interrupting the transmission of COVID-19, we are excited to be able to take deliberate steps toward healthy re-engagement on our campuses.

We will gather safely for Spring Jam, open mic nights, a banquet, and other fun events. Our Campus Ministries team is excited about increased capacity for in-person vespers, Circle Church, and Berean Fellowship. ASWWU Spiritual is planning a concert, and small-group worships will be offered again. We will enjoy intramurals, such as volleyball and flag football and cheer on our UWolves Athletics teams. ASWWU Outdoors also has a number of excursions planned to make the most of our beautiful Pacific Northwest playground.

We have adjusted our classroom spaces so that more than 60% of our spring quarter classes are in person. The majority of your professors, staff members, and WWU administrators will be on campus and look forward to moving back toward the friendly, connected campus environment WWU is known for.

Your responsibilities
Students are responsible to know and follow all public-health protocols set by university, state, and county officials (including social distancing and mask requirements, handwashing guidelines, etc.). The Student Life office has provided each student with information about WWU’s COVID-19 Code of Conduct as well as any sanctioning protocols for conduct that is not allowed. 

Access to campus
Only students who are specifically authorized to be on our campus will be allowed in our spaces or to participate in our in-person activities.

How will this work? 

  • Students on our College Place campus who are either enrolled in in-person classes or residing in WWU housing, or who have official authorization to be on our College Place campus, will be coded as such in our database. 
  • Any student coded as authorized will be given a sticker to place on the front of their WWU I.D. card. 
  • That authorization sticker will be the key to receiving a clearance card that will allow a student to remain on our campuses and participate in our activities.


Some Wolves athletic teams will compete this spring. Find schedules and more information at


Classes are held in three ways: in person, dual modality, and online. Classes held in person are limited in size so that students can maintain 6 feet of physical distance during instruction. Learn more about what classes will look like spring quarter.

Eating on campus

Dining hall occupancy and traffic flow
The seating in the dining hall has been reconfigured for social distancing and for limited dine-in occupancy. Stanchions are placed throughout the dining hall to direct traffic flow, and signs on the walls and floor provide instructions and reminders for appropriate traffic-flow. The amount of seating available complies with Washington state guidelines based on phases of reopening.

Sanitization and employee training
There are an increased number of hand-sanitizer stations in the main dining hall and in the SAC. Each food-service station has a floor stand hand-sanitizer dispenser.

Sodexo employees have received specific training for COVID-19 protocols. They wear masks and gloves and have easy access to fresh supplies of these items. Sodexo employees have their temperature checked every day as they report for work and must sign a form attesting that they are free of COVID-19 symptoms. The Sodexo organization has provided additional sick time for their employees to alleviate concerns about missing work, and Sodexo now employs more personnel in the cafeteria to clean contact points as people leave the dining hall.

Food options and service
Menus have been streamlined for easy and safe access to food. Changes include new dining options that have been prepared in advance, such as wraps and sushi, and complete salads rather than the self-serve salad bar. There is no self-service in the cafeteria. The foods that students love most have been reworked to reflect COVID-19 protocols. (Of course, there are still haystacks!)

Preordered takeout meals are available from the main dining hall. Simple to-go options, including a smoothie of the day, are available from the SAC.

Will dining hall hours be the same as last year?
Dining hall hours have been adjusted to allow more time for food service, fewer people in the dining hall at one time, and additional cleaning between meals.

• Breakfast—7 to 10 a.m.
• Lunch—10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
• Dinner—5 to 7 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday
• Brunch—10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
• Dinner—5 to 7 p.m.

Read about Sodexo COVID-19 protocols and find daily menus.

Will I have to purchase a meal plan if I live in the residence halls?
Yes, you will still need to purchase a meal plan. Sodexo has created new options so you can take your meals to go, and they have very specific health measures in place when it comes to prepping and serving meals. There will be a 50% reduction in occupancy in the dining hall to allow for distancing, and they are working to add another 75 seats outside. The Student Association Center (SAC) will provide preordered takeout during normal meal times as well.

Fitness facilities

WEC facilities are available by to students, faculty, and staff who are authorized to be on campus. We are not be able to accommodate guests or spouses of students, faculty, and staff. Hours are limited and capacity is reduced in all facilities to allow for distancing. Access is available by appointment only.

Will all WEC facilities be open?
The gym, fitness center, fitness center annex, table tennis area, climbing wall, and swimming pool are open. The racquetball courts are closed. See specific COVID-19 hours, capacity limits, and guidelines for each area at It is important that you read about specific protocols for each area.

How will the appointment process work?
Reservations/appointments for use of specific equipment can be made online at Those who are authorized to be on campus have the ability to schedule an appointment for a cardio machine, the Nautilus circuit, the free-weight annex, a lane for lap swim, the table tennis area, or a court in the gym.

Can I bring a workout partner with me to my appointment?
Your workout appointment is for you only. Using the new appointment system, you will sign up for specific equipment use. COVID-19 protocols will be in place including masks and distancing.

What cleaning procedures are in place in the various facilities?
Each workout appointment is for a 45-minute window. The facilities will be sanitized for 15 minutes following every 45-minute workout session with additional cleaning scheduled throughout the day.

Worship and CommUnity

CommUnity will be held online. Students will be required to participate in a certain number of these online events.

In-person and online options will be available for worships with reduced capacity for some in-person meetings.

Event Details

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